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What Not to Put in Storage: Advice from Phoenix Movers

At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we not only provide moving services, but we also maintain storage facilities for our clients. Oftentimes when you’re moving, you have things you don’t want to get rid of but aren’t able to take with you right away. These are the types of items our clients want to put into storage. But not everything stores well. What should you not put into storage?
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1. Anything perishable

You may think you will only store your items for a short time, but it may end up being longer than you thought. Most storage facilities prohibit storing food — even canned meats and bottled liquors — because it attracts pests, but you should also not store live plants, flower seeds, cleaning products, sunscreen, cosmetics, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, or fire extinguishers. All these have expiration dates.

2. Dangerous items

Most storage facilities in Phoenix also prohibit the storage of any dangerous or highly flammable items, such as fireworks, gasoline, paint thinner, kerosene, charcoal, etc. Many of these items are not only dangerous, but also can emit toxic gases. Also often prohibited are weapons such as ammunition and guns.

3. Illegal items

Which items are illegal may depend on the state in which you are leasing storage space. Drugs that are legal in some states may not be in others. Regardless, a storage warehouse isn’t a good place for plants or drugs, even if they are legal. It should go without saying (but it may not), that stolen goods should also not be placed in a storage locker.

4. Useless items

Storing useless items is associated with hoarding more often than moving, but it happens. Do you have a big stash of magazines because they have tips and recipes in them you’re saving? Then go through them and rip them out — don’t pay to store magazines. If you have so much clothing that you need to put some in a storage vault, you may have too much. After all, the chances you’ll run out to the storage warehouse looking for that green shirt you like because you want to wear it to a party are relatively low.

Moving & Storage in Phoenix

If your move is temporary, or if you are building more space at your new home and need to store items until you’re finished, a storage facility in Phoenix is a great option. Storing your items in a professional warehouse means you don’t have to impose on friends and relatives who may not want to store your belongings in their basement or garage.

When you’re looking for a storage company in Phoenix, rely on Sullivan Moving & Storage. We’ll keep your items safe for you until you’re ready to have them back again.

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