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Traveling Around Phoenix: The Chandler Ostrich Festival

Traveling Around Phoenix The Chandler Ostrich Festival


Anyone that lives in Phoenix or those that are traveling around Phoenix may have heard about the Chandler Ostrich Festival. This festival first began to celebrate the ostrich ranching in Chandler.


As the years have gone by more people have become interested in the festival. It has grown to include much more than a simple celebration. There are now both rides and attractions to enjoy while visiting the festival in Tumbleweed Park.


Enjoying the Festival


The festival first started in 1989. Like many other events that cities celebrate start, it was once a community event that quickly grew into the larger destination event that it is today. More and more people started to attend the festival so they began adding attractions and rides to entertain them throughout the festival.


Not almost three-hundred and fifty people come to celebrate the ostrich festival each year. It is on the must-do spring event list for many Arizona residents. While this event has grown in size it has not lost the community spirit that started it. Families love to visit the festival to see what new rides are there, to walk around the carnival, eat delicious festival foods, see local art, and even experience the fun of an ostrich race.


Many years there is a parade on one of the festival days. A popular event for younger children. Since it is such a large event it has attracted many musicians. There are local musicians as well as some regional musicians that come to play.


What It Costs


The price of the festival can change from year to year. Typically, the festival has used a ticket system for people to pay for rides. Many times buying these tickets in bulk can help a family save a little money while getting even more tickets.
Festival goers that want unlimited access to the festival should look into buying a wristband.


These wrist bands can be bought before that festival at a discount at local participating locations. While this is a great option for the child that loves to participate in the many rides it is not wise to buy one for anyone shorter than thirty-six inches as many rides will not be available to them.


Experiencing the Rides


There are rides for adults and children of all ages. There are around forty rides to try currently and the festival is always adding new ones. No festival would be complete without a Ferris wheel and there is a merry go round for the younger children. Plus there are some fun houses that vary from a fun mardi gras experience to a zombie theme ride.


Some rides are really oriented around the small children and accommodate those that would be frightened of a ride that goes too fast or too high. On the other hand, there are plenty of rides for a thrill-seeking teenager or adult like The Inversion which flips passengers upside down at eighty feet.


Attending Attractions


If rides are not something the family enjoys look to visit one over ten different attractions. Each year brings something new to the festival so always check to see if a favorite attraction is returning. A fun attraction that everyone enjoys is their Big Bounce America.


Big Bounce America is a huge bounce court where children and adults can compete on an obstacle court, slide down the massive slide, or tumble into the ball pit. There is even an adult only event with the bounce court after dark for those that would like an experience without the kids.


There are always shows to visit. Many focus on typical circus acts with jugglers, acrobats, and many performers go through routines throughout the show. It is a great experience for everyone in the family and will be something memorable to visit each year.


Focusing more on animals there are always animal shows. From learning and holding reptiles to watching pigs race there is barnyard animal fun. There is a petting zoo with animals that can be fed. These treats can be purchased at the festival to get up close and personal with these lovable creatures.


Some people enjoy the FIDO 500. A race that is made specifically for smaller dogs where they race for the gold. There are even ponies available for a good old fashion pony ride. Plus what is an ostrich festival without a few ostriches running around. There is an ostrich exhibit to help people learn more about the ostriches that are there to meet.


This is only the tip of the iceberg for the many events that are available. Check out the ostrich festival website to get the full details on what events will be available each year. There are always new people looking to participate so the festival is always changing.


Keep In Mind


There are always a few things to know about going to an event. One thing to note is that the festival will happen regardless of the weather. Meaning if it does decide to rain there are no refunds on the tickets that were purchased. Check the weather before making any purchases if rain may deter a visit.


Do not bring any outside food or drink to the festival. There may be one water bottle brought per guest. Keep bags smaller than twelve inches unless it is a diaper bag which must be carried in while the child is present. No fireworks or glass products are allowed to be carried in. Leave all traveling vehicles outside include skates, skateboards, and cycles.


To travel safely with children there will be a check-in booth. Each parent and child will be checked in. The children will get a wristband with their parents & phone number on it. If they are lost during the visit this helps to locate the correct family.


Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the festival. There are many people and animals around that can easily spook a pet. Even a non-aggressive pet may become scared with so much commotion happening. However, registered service animals are allowed.


The Chandler Ostrich Festival is a wonderful weekend filled with animals, rides, attractions, and many great foods. It combines everything a person loves about a local fair with a celebration of the ostriches that started it all. People come from all over to celebrate this three-day festival. Residents and visitors alike will love this event.

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