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Top 5 Beginning of the Year Activities in Phoenix

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When planning activities for the new year think outside of the box. Instead of the typical day out to the mall, look towards the many wonderful venues Phoenix has to offer. Many areas like the zoo have special events going on throughout the year. These events may only be happening for a few days, so be sure to plan ahead and buy tickets to enjoy all of the fun 2018 has to offer.

Phoenix has no shortage of places to go and spend time with family and friends. If looking to settle down in Phoenix use the Sullivan Mayflower moving company. They will get all of your belongings to the new home in a timely manner so your family can enjoy more activities, instead of worrying about moving. Check out these five interesting activities in Phoenix for family fun.




ZooLights is a great event for the family. It brings in a little holiday magic to the zoo experience. It is held at night in the Phoenix Zoo daily during select weeks in January. There are beautiful lights that decorate many areas of the zoo. There are even activities to participate in for fun for the entire family.

There is a lakeside music-in-motion show that will really light up the night and create some excitement. That is not the only show to catch, so be sure to revisit the zoo to see the spectacular action they have planned this holiday season.

Viewing the animals is limited during this showing. However, it will not feel like the family is missing a thing. The lights and shows that are put on are beautiful and exciting. There is always another day to visit the zoo to look at animals, but this unique light experience only happens for a few weeks.


Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction


The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction is the activity of the year for a car lover. This event will take place between January 13th until the 21st. This event showcases world-class automobiles. There are some of the most valuable cars in the world that will be shown. These vehicles are not only great to look at but they are unique pieces that will not be seen anywhere else.

The event can be viewed in person or on television. It is televised not only nationally, but internationally as well. The show is very popular, so be sure to secure a ticket before it is sold out. While it is much more stunning to see in person, this is still a show that is worth watching at home.


World Championship Hoop Dance Contest


While it may not be a widely known sport, there are many people participating in the World Championship Hoop Dance Contest from February 10th to the 11th. It is a sport that is very fun to watch and there are shocking performances by all of the people that are competing for the title. Men and women have practiced and created a unique performance that takes skill, athleticism, and precision to perform.

It is a cultural tradition of hoop dancing. The performances are beautiful to watch as the skillful dancers execute complicated performances dressed in colorful garb. Each performance is based on the traditions or culture of that dancer’s heritage. With this, there are always unique and exciting performances from every dancer.

It is up to the dancer how many hoops they will use. Some use only a few hoops to create magical performances, while others will use as many as fifty. Complicated designs will be created through the hoop dancing including images of animals or insects.

While it is very fun to watch, these dancers are still being judged. They will be scored on the creativity that was brought to the dance. Their speed, timing, and rhythm are also important. Two aspects that go hand in hand are precision and showmanship, which is all factored into who will win.


Glendale Chocolate Affaire


The Glendale Chocolate Affaire takes place February 9th until the 11th. Just in time to get into the romantic mood of Valentine’s Day. The entire event is focused on the wonderful chocolate creates of Cerreta’s. Cerreta is a candy maker that will offer tours of their factor during the event. It is a great opportunity to see how the chocolates are made.

At the festival, people will be able to enjoy almost anything dipped in chocolate. Chocolate candies, chocolate strawberries, and even kettle-corn with chocolate on top. Make sure to come with a sweet tooth, because it is sure to be used. Adults and children alike are going to love trying the many new creations that are being showcased.


Arizona Renaissance Festival


The Arizona Renaissance Festival is going to take place from February 10th until April 1st. It features medieval entertainment that includes shows, vendors, and food. Everything will be centered around medieval fun and it has entertainment for the entire family. If interested, the festival does accept applications for new vendors to help supply patrons of the festival with a variety of items to purchase.

There is a 13 stage theatre that will be used for the many shows that will be put on. Arts and crafts will be bountiful for adults and children alike. There is even a jousting tournament. So choose the knight that looks the strongest and root them on from the sidelines. Over 2,000 people will be dressed and in character for this event. Any of the festival works will be able to help direct people towards the next activity.

For those moments where the family is hungry, there will be plenty of food vendors to choose from. There are also two feasts held for those that want to spend the entire day having festival fun. Seating for the feast will be assigned. To sit with family and friends you must contact the festival members before the Feast date. The feast will have five courses of time-appropriate food and drink. Throughout the meal, there will also be live entertainment.

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