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Tips for Making Your Move Easier

Many people dread their eventual moving date when making a major move from one location to another, but there are many ways you can limit the stress and anxiety you may be feeling. From working with experienced moving professionals to several other areas, you have a number of resources available to help you get through this process as simply and easily as possible.

At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we’re happy to serve several extremely valuable roles within this process, from providing both residential and commercial moving services to offering storage and various distribution solutions as well. No matter which sort of space you’re moving from or to, here are some basic tips we often provide clients on how to make the entire process easier, including some that may involve our professional movers and some others that you can handle on your own.

tips making move easier

Make a Checklist in Advance

First and foremost, it’s vital to remember that the moving process actually begins well before the day of the move itself. In fact, many of the steps you’ll want to take in preparation for moving can be done weeks or even months in advance.

One of the most important things to do is create a checklist of everything you need to do, from packing your belongings to notifying institutions like your bank and utility companies about your change in address. Having a written plan and timeline will help keep you organized and on track as the move date approaches.

You can include numerous different themes within this checklist, from packing your belongings efficiently to ensuring that your children’s schools are notified of the change in address. It’s also helpful to designate a specific packing day or weekend so you’re not rushed and can take your time with it. If your entire family is taking part in various tasks as part of the move, you can even assign tasks to different family members before the day of your move, keeping everyone on track and preventing confusion. Some will even use a spreadsheet to accomplish this.

Scope the New Space in Advance

While organization within your move-out location is obviously paramount, knowing the spatial dimensions and limitations of your new space is equally important. This will allow you to properly allocate the various boxes and other objects that need to be brought along, mitigating a lot of confusion and potential clutter.

When moving into a new space, take note of even the smallest details before your move date arrives. For example, if there are any light fixtures or other ceiling items above where your furniture will be placed, you’ll need to measure the height and make sure that nothing will be in the way. You’ll also want to take into account doorways and other entrances/exits so that bulky items can be easily transported in and out.

Label Everything

One of the most important tips for a smooth move is labeling everything along the way. There are two reasons for this: first, it will ensure that nothing is missing when you arrive at your new location, and second, it can help prevent you from accidentally taking things to the wrong room once they’re brought into your new space.

If you’re using our expert movers to assist with your move, they’ll have a plethora of moving supplies to label your boxes and other items. However, if you’re handling the move yourself, there are several inexpensive labels available at any office supply or home goods retailer that can be used for this purpose. Be sure to label the boxes on the sides and note both the room and the contents.

Small Boxes

Some people mistakenly look to load up huge boxes full of heavy items when moving, which often leads to back pain and other issues on the day of the move. A better strategy is to use smaller boxes for heavier items and large boxes for lighter objects. This will help keep you safe and healthy during the move, as well as make it easier to carry everything from one place to another.

Pack an “Open First” Box

When you arrive at your new home, the last thing you’ll want to do is search through all of your belongings to find the essentials that you need immediately. To avoid this, pack a box or two with items like toilet paper, shampoo, towels, and other necessities that you’ll need as soon as you walk in the door. This box should be labeled “Open First” and placed somewhere easily accessible. In most cases, you’ll wait to pack this box until the night directly before the move.

Keep Open Communication with Movers

If you’ve decided to hire our team or any other professional movers for your needs, it’s vital to stay in touch with them every step of the way. This will ensure that there aren’t any unforeseen issues or delays along the way and can help alleviate your stress as you approach the big day. We’ll ensure everything is completed in a timely fashion, but it’s up to you to provide us with any information we need.

Pack an Overnight Bag

In many cases during residential moves, it’s ideal for you and every other member of the household to pack a single overnight bag. This will contain all of the items you’ll need for the first night in your new home, including toiletries, pajamas, a change of clothes, and any other essentials you can think of. Having this bag ready to go will help reduce the amount of stress you feel when everything is finally unpacked.

This is especially useful in cases where you have tons of boxes and items to move. Rather than having to rifle through them all to find your essentials, you can simply have a separate overnight bag that handles all your needs until you’ve had time to sort your belongings.

For more on how to simplify your move and make it as easy as possible, speak to the pros at Sullivan Moving & Storage today.

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