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Swimming with the Family a Phoenix Summer

family enjoying in swimming pool


Summer in Phoenix can be described as one thing, hot. While many people come to Arizona to escape cold winter months they leave much before the heat of summer sets in. Anyone that lives in Arizona knows that it can be hard to find a good way to stay cool in the summer. Avoiding going outside and living with your air conditioner on high is one way. Another way is to head down to the local pool.


Pools can be a great way for everyone to cool down. It is fun for the whole family with a variety of activities available at the pool. You can just dip your toes in, or jump in from the diving board, bring your inflatable tubes, or do a bit of sunbathing.


Stay Cool and Still Exercise


The number one reason to visit the pool is to stay cool. It is much better to get out of the house once in awhile. The pool is an easy way to stay cool in the heat of the day and still get some exercise in. Swimming is a great way to work out your muscles without becoming overheated.


Children love to swim. They do not think of it as exercising at all. They find it fun to play in the water and you will be happy later in the evening. After a long day at the pool your children will be falling asleep in their dinner and ready to go to bed early. A long day at the pool is enough to wear anyone out.


Quality Time


Summer vacation should be about bonding and making memories. Swimming can help you spend time with your family and have some fun this summer. Whether you are teaching little ones how to swim or just relaxing at the pool your children are sure to think you are the best parent ever!


For some added fun find a swimming pool that has diving boards and water slides. There are some pools that you must only pass a simple swim test before going down water slides. They are much cheaper than going to a water park and your whole family will still have fun.


If you do not have any children and want to avoid too many little swimmers look for a pool that has a designated children’s area. If the pool specifies an area for children versus adults it is likely that the children’s area will have much more appearing water toys. You will still be able to enjoy the pool without worry about the children running around.


Summer Passes


After visiting a few pools in your area consider getting a summer pass. A summer pass to the pool can help you save a lot of money. Most passes are sold at prices that are much lower than buying entrance into the pool every day.


If you live close to a pool or think you will end up swimming more than once a week a summer pass is a great investment. It gives you something to do the whole summer and you will only have to pay for it the first time you go.


Swimming Lessons


If you or your children do not know how to swim consider taking swimming lessons. There are lessons at most pools that are grouped by age. It can be a great experience for children to learn to swim alongside their peers. It makes it much safer for them to come to the pool and parents can relax since there is a lifeguard on duty during the lessons.


With very small children taking a mommy or daddy and me swimming class can be a lot of fun. You get more involved with the swimming lessons and can watch as your little tadpole learns to love water.


Swim, Dive or Water Basketball Team


For the more advanced swimmers there are teams made just for you. If you are interested in competitive swimming consider joining a swim team. There are even swimming teams for younger children and teenagers. Have a whole family join in on the fun and help motivate each other to do your best at swimming competitions.


There are also teams dedicated to diving. Instead of focusing on swimming strokes you will be judged on your ability to jump into deeper water. There are teams for all ages but make sure your children are comfortable jumping into deeper water. Swimming with a team should be fun and not scary for them.


For children that are twelve to seventeen there are water basketball teams. These teams will participate in a games of water basketball and will compete against other pool teams to win the whole competition. This can be a fun alternative for teenagers that want to do more than swim laps.


Kool Kids


Kool Kids is a fantastic program that the city of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department partners with business in the local community to provide. The purpose of this program is to provide children that are seventeen or younger and opportunity to have a constructive activity during the summer.


The program pairs with certain pools in the area. These pools will offer free open swim to the children in that community. Money should not stop children from enjoying their summer and participating in exercise.


Summer Job


Pools can be a great way for people to get a little extra money in the summer. It is an opportunity for teenagers to gain job experience without needing to interrupt their school work during the school year. Not only will they gain money they also are gaining skill that could potentially save a life.


Teenagers that have a summer job at the pool help to be role models for younger children in the community. Sometimes they help to teach the younger children during swimming lessons. This helps to strengthen the bond of the community as families meet each other.


It is a great job to put on a college application as well. This job helps to teach teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. They will become part of a team of other youths in their area and will make friends in a safe environment.


This summer try to stay cool. It can be hard in Phoenix with the hot sun shining down. An easy way is to pack the family up and head to the local pool. Look for pools that participate in the Kool Kids club so your children can swim for free. Sign up for a swimming team or take some lessons. The most important part is to have fun in the sun while staying cool.

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