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Surviving a Phoenix Summer by Taking a Dip in the Pool

Surviving a Phoenix Summer by Taking a Dip in the Pool


Phoenix is hot in the summer.  There is no way around it.  The weather can be consistently over one hundred degrees and it is prime time for monsoons.  Which luckily cool of an area for a little while once they are over.  Watching the weather is important when trying to enjoy a Phoenix summer.  On those really hot days, the best thing to do is to take a trip to one of the many water parks around the area.


Fun for Adults and Children


Do not let the name fool you The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa does have activities for both adults and children.  Anyone visiting without children can enjoy a relaxing day at the spa.  There is a lazy river to float down without a care in the world.  Or a wonderfully heated pool for adults who do not want to be around the noise and action.


For children and adults who want to see a little more activity, there is the FlowRider.  The FlowRider is wonderful for those learning to bodyboard or even surf.  There are some restrictions for the safety of guests.  Check before arriving that any children who want to partake are eligible.  It is a fantastic experience and can be a lot of fun even if the person riding is not very good at it.  It’s a chance to learn without needing to go out on big waves in the open water.


A True Oasis


Taking a trip to the Oasis Water Park that is run by the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa is sure to delight everyone in the family.  Not only is there a ton to do but there is also a bar and grill for when a break from the fun is needed.  The bar and grill has many choices from simple appetizers to hearty burgers.  Enjoy a salad or ice cream before getting back to all of the water fun.


The Oasis Water Park has multiple water slides that are giant, a very large wave pool, and a hot tub that can fit up to twenty-five people at a time.  Anyone can enjoy an entire day at the Oasis Water Park.  There are areas that are tailored to the children like the Wild Cat Springs.  Anyone looking for an action-packed day should visit Slide Canyon where there are three massive water slides.


Although an Oasis is not all about the action.  Finding time to relax is quite easy in a private cabana.  These cabanas are close to the action but give visitors peace of mind.  They can relax under the shade of the cabana and recuperate before joining in on the action once again.


Take the time to play in at the start of the day before getting lunch.  After eating lunch it is a perfect time to sunbathe or relax under the shade of a cabana for a little while.  Once everyone is no longer stuffed from lunch it is time to go out and have more fun on water slides


The Biggest of Them All


If adventure is what is desired, taking a trip to Wet ‘N’ Wild is the way to go.  It is an absolutely massive water park that covers over thirty-five acres with amazing water activities.  This park is so big that it is recommended to plan the visit before getting there to make sure every ride is conquered.


No matter where a person is at in the park there is something to do.  From water slides to the roaring river.  There are rides for children, for families, and even for those that are looking to get their adrenaline going.


There are specific areas for the smaller children.  That include mini water slides and splash pads  Even small children can enjoy the water park in a safe environment so parents can relax.  A good area for families is the Monsoon Bay.  This massive wave pool fits many people and it is easy to swim together as a family.


The rides for thrill seekers are not for the faint of heart.  A must for all adventurous swimmers is the Mammoth Falls.  This water slide lets patrons drop almost sixty feet before their raft finds itself vertical going right up a wall then falling back into the water below.  It is an exhilarating experience since there is a moment where patrons will feel weightless while falling.


A Little More Than Water


Not everyone can enjoy a day at a water park  For those picky family members go to Golfland SunSplash.  This area has many water slides and wave pools to enjoy.  But there are also activities like mini golf, laser tag, bumper cars, and even an arcade.


There is a splash pad for those tiny swimmers that do not have their sea legs yet.  Let the old children try bumper boats.  A water version of a favorite, bumper cars.  There are rides for one person as well as groups depending on how the family likes to travel.  If a simple swim is desired, check out the activity pool where guests can swim and even play games like water basketball.


Do not worry about spending the whole day at the park, it is easy to do.  When the family gets hungry stop by the snack bar for some fries and a burger.  Or even order a whole pizza to share.  If a sweet snack is what the children are wanting, stop by for some ice cream.


Staying cool can be difficult in Phoenix if a person does not know where to go.  Staying outdoors without being in a pool is a sure way to feel exhausted and grumpy, something everyone wants to avoid.  Taking a dip in a cool pool can help keep the temperature down and it is fun for the whole family.  Phoenix has so many water parks to offer and there is something that everyone can enjoy at each one.

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