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Staying Cool without The Pool in Phoenix

Surviving a Phoenix Summer by Taking a Dip in the Pool


Summers in Phoenix are hot. Sometimes it is unbearable to try to do anything fun in the summer because we are trying to avoid the heat. With the temperatures staying far too high for far too long what can you do besides relax by the pool? There are many options to stay cool this summer that do not have to include water.

Water is a great option for staying cool. It is lovely to sink into a cool pool on a hot day. Children love to play in the pool and love to go to water parks. However, summer does not have to only be spent at the pool. There is only so much one person can take when it comes to crowded public pools, children pushing and yelling, and the overwhelming heat of the day. Instead of heading to the pool let’s look at some options that do not involve a swimming suit.




Think about a day filled with air conditioners and nice things. A day walking around the mall can be just what the doctor ordered. You can put away the sunscreen and head indoors at least for a few hours. Walking through the stores will help you stay cool and you peruse through the many stores the malls have to offer.

If you love the mall you are in luck. Phoenix has a lot of them. You can opt to go for full air conditioning and relax in an indoor mall. If you don’t mind the heat too much you can go to an outlet mall and walk store to store. There are even some outdoor malls that give you a much more open concept design for shopping.

No matter the mall you decide to go to you will have a variety of stores to pick from. The larger malls have over a hundred stores in them. If there isn’t a few stores you would like to look through shopping may not be the summer activity for you.

The outdoor malls are great for evening strolls through a mall. When the sun is setting the temperatures will cool off and you can often find live entertainment in these locations. You can enjoy shopping, food, and free entertainment in the lower summer heat.




For a day that going outside is just impossible consider seeing a movie. While this is not going to be an all day activity it can help you kill a few hours when you do not know what to do. You could make this an all day event if you are willing to spend a little money and do some planning to figure out the right show times.

For most people who just see one movie it is an easy way to spend a few hours relaxing in air conditioning. There are even larger theaters that have an IMAX and will have more options for food than just popcorn. Although a giant bucket of popcorn is always needed when seeing a good movie.

The best part about going to see a movie is the fact you can see a different one every time you go. You can spend a whole summer going to the movie theater since new movies are coming out all the time. If you really like a movie get a few more friends and go see it again. So many movies are better the second time. You get to see details you missed the first time.




Alright I will admit this one does have to do with water. You just won’t be swimming in it. Instead take a relaxing cruise along Saguaro Lake with the Desert Belle cruise line. While on the boat you will get all of the details of the lake as you enjoy the air conditioned deck.

The only problem with this cruise is the fact you do need to come early enough to get a seat. If you arrive to late you may not be able to sit on the air conditioned deck. Depending on the temperature it could make your cruise a bit less enjoyable.

While you are cruising you can also participate in beer and wine tastings if you are not as interested in the history of the lake. Remember to always keep your eyes open because you may encounter some wildlife on this trip.


Museum / Art Gallery


Another indoor activity that will give you the comfort of air conditioning. Visit a museum or even make a whole day of it and travel around to visit multiple museums. All of Phoenix’s museums will give you a bit more knowledge and you can enjoy a relaxing day strolling through the exhibits.

There are even art galleries that you can visit. Art galleries shy away from the educational side and help invoke more emotion and thought from the viewer. There are even some free art walks if you pay attention in your community.


Ice Skating


Now let’s look at something that you would not expect to find in the Phoenix summer heat, an ice skating rink. This is a great way to cool down in the summer heat. Hit the ice with a favorite winter sport. Spend the day with friends or your family learning to skate.

As you get better at ice skating consider making a few more trips back. Learn to do more than wobble on those skates. Learn how to do a few tricks and really impress your friends on how smooth you are on the ice.

This summer think cool thoughts. If you are looking for alternatives to cooling off besides visiting the pool look no further. Take a stroll around a mall, see a movie, go on a cruise, walk through a museum, view some art, or even go ice skating. Don’t let the summer heat ruin your vacation. Enjoy some time indoors with air conditioning.


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