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Settling Into Winter What to Do Around Phoenix: Time to Hit the Slopes

Settling Into Winter What to Do Around Phoenix: Time to Hit the Slopes


When people think about Phoenix they think about sunshine. Snow is not something that comes to mind when imagining the beautiful Phoenix landscape. However, taking a few hour trip from Phoenix to Flagstaff to enjoy a little snow and a lot of skiing. Flagstaff is home to the Snowbowl that has fantastic lessons for beginners and exciting slopes for more experienced skiers.


From the Beginning


People love to go to Snowbowl to ski because it is so welcoming for beginners. Any skill level can enjoy their time at Snowbowl. For someone just learning to ski, it is the perfect place to go. Snowbowl is home to the biggest training slopes around. Making it easy and fun to learn.


The beginner slopes are designed with everyone’s comfort in mind. The first being frustrated beginners. Even if someone needs to take a quick break before tackling the rest of their lesson they can. The Hart Prairie Lodge is right next to the beginner’s area, as well as, the base where people can watch their friends and family learn. Parents love sitting at the base anxiously anticipating when their children will ski down their first slope.


Children and adults alike can use the beginner slopes. There are two chairlifts and two surface conveyors that will help all skiers get where they need to go. The slope is not too steep and anyone can master it easily including children.


A Little Ski Lesson


A refresher on how to properly ski is good for anyone. Even if someone knows the basics they can benefit from taking a lesson at Snowbowl. Those that have never attempted to ski in their life should certainly plan for a lesson. It will make the entire experience much more fun once they go out on their own and start to ski.


The lessons provided at Snowbowl go beyond giving a beginner their supplies and setting them on their way. They are trained professionals that are ready to attentively teach every person that is attending a lesson. Making everyone leave a better skier than when they came. Their method of teaching people to ski uses the Terrain Based Learning method which is becoming very popular within ski schools.


This method really trains people to know what to expect on multiple terrains but does it in a controlled environment so no one needs to be nervous about attempting to ski. There are snow terrains that are shaped to show beginners what it is like to control their speed and how to hold their position in different situations.


Time to Gear Up


A perfect day on the slopes is always better when warm. Someone who does not know the proper way to layer for a day of skiing is going to be very disappointed and cold by the end of the day. Especially, if they end up falling down a few times before they really get the hang of toting around their gear.


To stay warm always start by putting on a long sleeve shirt, tights, or long underwear. It is important that this layer is not one hundred percent cotton, but it should be fitted to the skin. Next, focus on warmth. A shirt made of fleece or wool is always a good addition. Down jackets can be good as well. Just avoid wearing one hundred percent cotton.


Next, it is time to keep that snow out. Plan for the worst case scenario. The best bet is to wear a ski jacket and pants. This will help to keep out any wet snow and keep the warmth of the other layers in. Do not bring along gloves that are going to soak up moisture. Make sure they are weather resistant.


Protect the head. A hat is great for keeping in warmth, but a helmet keeps skiers safe. Layer both if worried about the cold. Finally, even though it is cold everyone needs sunscreen. Apply a little lip balm as well. The sun is going to reflect off the snow and everyone needs to be protected.


Someone that is just learning to ski is not likely to have all of their ski equipment with them. Snowbowl provided rentals for skis, helmets, boots, snowboards plus snow boots, and poles. There is no need to rent from Snowbowl guests are welcome to bring their own equipment or rent from a local shop, as well.


Plan of Action


To get maximum time to ski it is best to plan ahead. Make sure all gear and equipment are ready to go for the next morning. Getting ready early is vital to getting to the lifts and down the slopes. There are many areas to park at Snowbowl so get familiar with out of the nine parking lots and be sure to note where the car is parked.


Always arrive at least thirty minutes to one hour early. On most days the lifts will start running at nine in the morning. Plan to get there by eight to purchase tickets, decide on what lessons are needed, and get all rentals sorted out. Do not waste time trying to rent skis while other people are already skiing.


Skiers do not have to purchase their tickets early. They will be available at the Hart Prairie Lodge. Inside the lodge, there is equipment available to rent and this is where people can sign up to take lessons. Outside of the lodge will be a window to purchase tickets. For those that like to plan tickets are available to purchase online, as well.


Tackle the slopes this winter at Snowbowl. A fantastic family vacation, a romantic getaway for two, or even a fun way to spent time together with friends. Skiing can sound intimidating to beginners but Snowbowl has some of the best skiing lessons around. Any Phoenix resident can enjoy their visit to this ski resort. Be sure to book a room because this is a trip that no one wants to end.

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