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Searching for Fall in Phoenix

Searching for Fall in Phoenix


Fall in Phoenix is not the same as other areas. It takes much longer for the cooler days to set in. Most of the time the cool fall weather is actually still very hot. Anywhere from the high eighties up to the high nineties. Not many people think about those temperatures and think fall, but it does make it easy to celebrate favorite fall holidays, outdoors.


Fall Colors


Anyone that has recently moved to Phoenix may be shocked at the wonderful weather everyone gets to enjoy over Halloween and Thanksgiving. The lack of color changes in nature also comes as a shock to many. Looking for signs of fall in Phoenix centers around the change in how many flowers people have in their gardens. Fall typically has people switching out their plants for the next season.

Most trees stay green in September. The cacti are still healthy and green as well. While this can be a bit disorienting the change in leaf color can still be found if a little traveling is done. Driving to where there are more trees, like Aspen trees, can show that fall foliage that a new Phoenix resident is craving.


Festivals and Celebrations


While the fall colors can be missed there is no shortage of fall festivals and celebrations. Since the weather is so lovely in the fall many people love to get together and party. There are Halloween festivals, pumpkin festivals, and eating Thanksgiving under the warm Arizona sun is always a delight.

No need to bundle up in winter coats or gear to celebrate fall in Phoenix. Spend each weekend finding a new festival to go to or stay at home and enjoy the “cool” fall weather. It is a nice time of year where the temperatures are consistently under one-hundred degrees during the day.

During this time of year, there is always an abundance of pumpkin and apple products. Every store has these flavors and the smells are all around. People cook with pumpkin or apple, there are candles burning that smell like pie, and there are always pumpkin patches or apple orchards to visit.


Missing Fall


Anyone that really misses the true fall weather, there is still hope. The days will not feel like fall and it can be weird to not anticipate snowfall come winter. However, the feeling of fall can still be experienced at the comfort of home. It just takes a bit more effort.

Wake up in the early morning. Take a step outside when it is just getting light out. The cool air from the night will still be lingering and the bright rays of the sun will just be peaking above the horizon. In this quiet moment in the morning, it is easy to feel fall in the desert.

The familiar breeze and chill of fall is there. Fortunately this chill only lasts for a few hours. Once the sun is up and shining, the earth warms and a more familiar “desert fall” sets in. It is easy to miss a typical fall, but living in a warm area where every day outdoor activities can be done is fantastic.

Fall in Phoenix is not traditional. There are no yards covered in orange, brown, and yellow leaves. There is rarely a need for more than a jacket or a long-sleeved shirt. Even though the traditional fall is not found in Phoenix there is still the same celebrations happening. People love the fall season and they come together to celebrate. Whether it be with a nice drive to see the fall foliage, a stroll around a fall festival, or even breathing in the early morning air, fall can be found in Phoenix if someone looks for it.

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