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Red Flags to Look for When Hiring a Movers

When you’re looking to hire a moving company in Phoenix, you want the best one. But how do you know which companies are reliable and which aren’t? Moving is a big job and you don’t want to trust it to the wrong moving company. Sullivan Moving & Storage has some tips for you for selecting a moving company in Phoenix.
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Get Several Estimates

Estimates are usually free — at least in the moving industry — and you should get a few to make sure you have realistic expectations about how much your move will cost. This is especially important when hiring long-distance movers in Phoenix, as moves that are not local are more expensive.

All that being said, you don’t always want to go with low bidder — for a move or for any job you want done. The lowest bidder might be the newest moving company — one that doesn’t have much experience. Companies that are not in high demand and struggle to get new clients sometimes offer their services at deep discounts — but for a reason.

Check Their Reviews

Before you decide on a moving company in Phoenix, check their reviews on third-party sites. Here, you will get real people giving real reviews of the company they did business with.

You can read the company’s reviews on their own site, but keep in mind they control their site and are unlikely to post anything but glowing reviews.

Note Their Timeliness

If you have an appointment with a moving company in Phoenix to give you an estimate and they arrive late, understand they will probably arrive late for the move as well. Regardless of who you have an appointment with, if they’re late the first time, it’s not a good sign and doesn’t bode well for the future.

Don’t Give Them Money Upfront

While it’s not illegal to ask for a deposit to hold a moving date, it’s not particularly common. You may sometimes see it in big cities where many people move every day such as New York, but you don’t see it often among moving companies in Phoenix.

Generally, moving companies require payment upon delivering your belongings. Because of the number of people who ask, “Can a moving company hold my stuff hostage?” we’d like to stress our advice about investigating a moving company before you sign with them so that they do not demand more upon delivery than they said it would cost.

Assess Their Confidence Levels

When you meet with a potential moving and storage company in Phoenix, they should project not only professionalism, but also confidence in their ability to do the job.

If they give evasive answers to your questions or have a lackadaisical attitude, you should probably look elsewhere.

Moving and Storage Companies in Phoenix

When you’re looking for the best moving company in Phoenix, trust Sullivan Moving & Storage. We have the experience, the expertise and the glowing reviews to make us the top local movers and long-distance movers in Phoenix.

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