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Planning a Phoenix Holiday – Visiting Local Markets

Planning a Phoenix Holiday – Visiting Local Markets


As the end of the year is drawing closer people start to think of the many holidays that are coming up.  Time spent with the family trick-or-treating, eating, or exchanging presents is exciting and a tad exhausting.  It is time to start thinking about buying gifts and planning activities for Halloween.  Phoenix residents should take a quick ride to Tempe to kill two birds with one stone during the upcoming months.


October Events


Going Downtown Tempe is an experience in itself.  There are a variety of businesses, shops, restaurants, and must-see entertainment.  Depending on when someone visits downtown it can be a completely different experience.  October marks the start of the 6th Street Market and will end with the Halloween Stroll.  Both events are a lot of fun to attend and are a must for this coming holiday season.

While shopping the market it is easy to find gifts for the upcoming holidays.  The many merchants have worked hard to make handcrafted items that are a stunning addition to anyone’s home.  Not to mention the many merchants that make fresh foods and ingredients to purchase for large holiday meals.

Visiting the 6th Street Market is a relaxing experience.  The event always takes place on a Sunday so parking will be free for all who decide to attend.  The market is set up at the 6th Street Park.  For anyone unfamiliar with the area the park is located by the City Hall.  Making it easy to spot.


6th Street Market


The 6th Street Market is a weekly event that will take place over the course of a few months.  It starts in mid-October and goes through mid-April.  Which gives everyone plenty of time to visit the many vendors.  Plus people will be clamoring to come back and visit the many vendors that provide fresh ingredients for recipes.  While the Phoenix and Tempe area has a lot to offer when it comes to shops, the 6th Street Market brings it to the next level.

When visiting this event expect to see items that have been made by fellow Arizona residents.  It is an event that is about bringing people of the community together to introduce vendors to new customers.  There are a variety of goods that are available throughout the many weeks of the event.  Plan out a few trips to make sure to see everything that is available.

Visit at multiple times throughout the event to find wonderful treasures and tasty treats.  More than one hundred vendors will be participating.  That is a lot of handcrafted items to choose from.  Some vendors focus on food while others are creating toys or even pieces made from wood or metal.  Truly unique items can be found here to make for an extra special holiday season.  While looking through the many wares everyone can enjoy the music that is being played in the background, as well.

There are a couple of musicians, that call Arizona their home, that are set to entertain.  There is nothing like shopping with friends and family with the sound of live music playing in the background.  Be sure to get there early, the market is not open all day.

Visitors should get moving before ten am and have to hustle to see everything by three pm every Sunday that the event is taking place.  Do not worry if there is something that cannot be seen while visiting the first time.  There are plenty of opportunities to return and visit again.


Special Edition


This year the 6th Street Market is teaming up with FoodInRoot to bring even more to the table for visitors.  This addition will be available throughout some of the 6th Street Market events.  Check out an event calendar to avoid missing out on this opportunities to support this local movement.

FoodInRoot is all about learning more about local families and businesses that concentrate on providing fresh products to the community.  It is always a good time to visit the farmers’ market and pick up a few fresh ingredients for dinner.  Or plan the holiday meals with these fresh ingredients.  Everyone will be raving about how great the food tasted when it comes from locally grown products.

The FoodInRoot market is not only about people selling their products.  It is more about sharing fresh products with the community and supporting local businesses.  It is a social event.  Vendors love to stop and talk about all of their favorite recipes.  They want to share the history of their products and talk about their passion for their business.


Halloween Stroll


The end of October brings about the Halloween Stroll.  This stroll is going to take place close to Tempe City hall at the 6th Street Market.  The best part of this event is that it is free to participate.  Families can come to join in on the fun with their little goblins and ghouls.

Do not worry even though this is a Halloween Stroll this is an event that is fun for all ages.  Be sure to dress up for the costume contest at the end of the night!  Throughout this Halloween celebration, there will be crafts and games to play.  Plus children can participate in the trick-or-treat event so they need to bring their favorite candy bucket.

The costume contest will start at four-thirty.  Everyone will need to meet at the Hayden Station so the judges can see everyone’s creative costumes.  The contestants with the best costumes are going to win prizes.  Do not be shy!  This contest is not only for the children, everyone is allowed to enter.

It is time to celebrate!  The community really comes together when it is time for the 6th Street Market.  Vendors make their best wares to sell.  From carefully crafted jewelry to fresh cheeses there are many stalls to shop at.  The event is so big it spans over a few months.  The end of October wraps up with a family-friendly Halloween celebration with trick-or-treating, games, and crafts.  A fun experience for everyone.

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