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Phoenix Prowl and Play A Superhero Day At The Zoo

Phoenix Prowl and Play A Superhero Day At The Zoo


The Phoenix Zoo always has something to offer in terms of new and exciting ways to experience the zoo. While walking through the zoo and observing the animals is always fun, there are many activities that are scheduled throughout the year. Children love the many new experiences that can be found when taking part in one of these events.


A Little About the Zoo


When visiting the Phoenix Zoo there is more to experience than any one person can do in a single day. There are over three thousand animals to see. Many of these animals, over thirty species, are even endangered or threatened species. The zoo does a fantastic job caring for their many animals and it is a joy to walk through and see the many habitats.


Every visit to the zoo can be different. Not all exhibits are available at all times. The well-being of the animals is important to the zoo and they will shut down an exhibit to care for them as needed. However, that just means the family can enjoy countless visits to the zoo without seeing the same animals each time.


When to Visit


A trip to the zoo is never a bad idea. There are different hours depending on what season it is. From January to May the zoo is open nine am to five pm. June to August join the animals from seven am to two pm. The September to October hours are back to nine am to five pm. Finally, November to January hours are shortened slightly from nine am to four pm.


There are a few holidays where the zoo may be closed. However, most days the zoo is open year round for everyone’s enjoyment. Ticket prices do change according to the age of the visitor. Children tickets are typically ten dollars cheaper than an adult ticket.


What to Do


Every day is a little different at the zoo. Animals can be unpredictable and there are always new shows happening. There are always animal encounters to see. The encounters may be different each day but there all visitors can come visit animals up close and personal during one of these special times.


There is also a 4-D theater to visit. This theater will amaze the children and even surprise the adults. It is a fun way to take a break from walking around and cool off. There are many shows to see and they will last around fifteen minutes each. Just long enough to take a break without the children getting bored.


A great way to see a lot of the zoo without needing to do all of the walking is to take a ride on the Safari Cruiser. This train is a sit-down tour of the zoo. It will last twenty-five minutes and goes past many of the exhibits the zoo has to offer. The guide will talk about each exhibit and give some fun facts as the ride chugs along.


For a little more interactive way to experience the zoo try a pedal boat. These pedal boats can hold up to four people. Any children on the boats must be at least two years old and the driver must be over eighteen. The boats are right next to another experience, the Harmony Farm.


A Special Day at the Zoo


Anyone that visits the zoo often may want a new way to experience the many exhibits. Attending an event is a good way to see the zoo in a whole new light. There are events every month so it is important to pay attention to the zoo’s calendar to know what events are taking place.


One event is combining a favorite of many children, Superheroes, with the zoo experience. Its the Superheroes Unite Prowl and Play event! During this event, there will be more than just animals to see. There will be games, crafts, and even music.


It is almost World Oceans Day. The zoo is celebrating with visitors with their Superhero for the Sea activities. There is an author, Susan Stoltz, that will be attending the event. She is talking about her new book. Even the stingrays are getting in the action and will have fifty signed copies to give away. There will also be games and activities to learn more about ocean conservation.


Listen to a little music with DJ Rockin’ Rob. As the music plays in the background feel free to participate in a few games or even dancing. Do not forget to bring that swimming suit. There will be a lot of water fun complete with water slides.


To really train to be a superhero there are many activities. This includes a jump wall, a lava pit, and a photo opportunity. There are many more superhero-themed activities that children will love to participate in. Not to mention everyone is sure to go home worn out and ready for bed.


No superhero day is complete without real superheroes. Stop by the education center to meet a few of the superheroes that are visiting the zoo. Be sure to stop by one of the crafting stations and make a mask to become a true superhero or get a superhero tattoo.


Since this event is taking place after the zoo closes there some areas that are open late. Visit the tigers, monkeys, or the Africa Trail and Savanna to meet the animals at night. Some of these experiences are also open late including the carousel, stingray bay, camel rides, the Safari Cruiser, and 4D Theater.


The event will take place over the course of three hours. There is a small fee to pay to get in and children that are under two are free. Members get a discounted price on tickets, as well.


There are so many ways to experience the Phoenix Zoo. The zoo has many animals to learn about, including those that are endangered. Children will love the many animal encounters, experiences, and events that are available. It is a must for everyone’s summer to spend at least one day walking through the zoo.

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