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Phoenix Moving Checklist: A Timeline to Prepare for a Successful Move

When preparing for a move, whether residential or commercial in nature, it’s common practice to set up a moving checklist that will help you move through this process. There are a few different formats you may consider for such a checklist, and one of the most popular is a checklist that begins with the furthest-out date from your move, then continues listing important tasks and planning to cover as you get closer and closer to the all-important primary moving day.

At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we’re happy to offer a wide range of both local and long-distance moves to clients throughout Phoenix, including assistance with any checklist or other moving document you’re formulating to aide you with this process. Moving is a long and often stressful process which is why we have put together a timeline to help ease you through each step from initial research to moving day.

Phoenix moving checklist

6-8 Weeks Before Move

At least 6-8 weeks before your move, it’s recommended to begin the process by arranging for the services of a Phoenix mover. Ask friends and family members for referrals, check out reviews/testimonials on various moving company websites or social media networks, or simply research your options using third-party search tools like Google Maps. You should also think about important factors like Better Business Bureau status while selecting a moving company. Setting your moving partner up well in advance ensures you have no issues with scheduling or details once the big day arrives.

At this stage in the game, you’ll also want to consider a few other elements of long-term move planning:

  • Consider any insurance coverage needs, whether or not it might be a good idea to set up a home inventory, if there are any documents you need to begin gathering for the move itself (checklists, photos of your home/belongings for insurance claims purposes), and speaking with your property management company about upcoming lease termination fees.
  • If you’re moving to a new area, now is the time to begin researching themes like schools, shopping, local laws, and more in terms of your new community.
  • Start planning to pack up larger items like appliances and furniture by asking for quotes from moving companies or friends/family members that might have recently completed a long-distance move themselves. This will help you set a budget early on in the process.
  • Start a folder where you can keep all of your important moving documents including receipts, contracts, and any other paperwork you’re receiving from movers or other professionals. This way it’s easy to stay organized without losing critical documentation that could be helpful in the event of a move-related dispute.
  • If you have more clothing than you plan to move, you might consider at least one round of donation. Additionally, you’ll probably want to set up a temporary area for more of your items that won’t go directly into storage just yet. This might be an upstairs bedroom or some other place where you can place extra boxes and such until it’s time to pack them up more intricately for the move itself.

3-5 Weeks Before Move

As the day gets a bit closer but is still over a month off, here are some other areas to keep in mind:

  • Start getting the word out to friends and family that you’re moving, plus also consider asking friends in your soon-to-be new hometown if they’d be willing to help you search for a new home.
  • Begin packing up some of the more important documents, including insurance policies, deeds/titles for automobiles and other important items, tax returns or any financial statements that are relevant to your move.
  • If you haven’t already started packing up items for the move, this is an ideal time to begin collecting cartons and bags that you’ll want to use. You can even consider purchasing any specialty items that might be helpful during the move, like wardrobe boxes to hold hanging items or mattress bags to protect your sleeping surfaces.
  • Begin purchasing moving supplies like moving cartons, packing materials, packaging tape, or anything else you might need to ensure the move goes smoothly.

1-2 Weeks Before Move

As you get even closer to moving day, here are some important items:

  • Begin preparations for any pets you will be bringing along with you. This might include purchasing any necessary pet supplies, booking a vet appointment or other care, and even applying for a new license/rabies shot if it’s needed.
  • Start using up the food in your refrigerator, plus start cleaning out the rest of the home. You’ll also want to consider giving your home a quick exterior wash and tidy up anything else that might be looking a bit too much like clutter at this point in time.
  • Get in touch with your utility companies and set up the final date you’ll be using their services.
  • Begin speaking with your moving (or relocation) company about what time they’ll be arriving on moving day, plus also ask if there’s anything you can do to help them as they move your items from one location to another.
  • If you have kids, you’ll want to consider explaining the upcoming move and what they can expect in terms of their own emotional response. Also start packing up any special items that might be helpful, including some favorite toys and books, plus also begin planning for any new activities or social settings where your kids will be spending time (like a new school).

Final Days Before the Move

In your final days before the big move, you should be covering these areas:

  • Confirm with your moving company about any final details concerning the move, like the exact time they’ll be arriving to get you settled into your new home. Also take some time to go over these items one more time yourself, ensuring that there are no remaining tasks you’re forgetting.
  • Pack up any last-minute items like kitchen utensils or other items that are important but might be forgotten. Also take this time to double-check the route your moving truck will be taking, plus make sure you’ve given them written directions if needed.
  • Go around the house again for a final inspection to ensure nothing has been left behind or overlooked in your pre-move cleaning spree.

With the right checklist usage and preparation, you’ll be all set for a smooth, low-stress moving day. For more on this or any of the other ways we’ll assist you during a move in Phoenix, speak to the pros at Sullivan Moving & Storage today.

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