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DIY Packing Tips from Phoenix Movers

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DIY Packing Tips from Seattle Movers


Are you into Do-It-Yourself projects? Are you moving soon and wondering how you are going to get all of your packing done and stay organized?


Here are some helpful tips on how to do just that:


  • Be sure to set aside important documents needed during your time in transit such as passports, children’s school records, moving papers, tax information etc.
  • Always mark boxes on the side, list the room the items came out of and its general contents.
  • Smaller boxes should be used for books and heavy items, be sure to pack items in upright position.
  • Larger boxes should be used to pack the lighter items, such as bed linens, toys or plastic storage containers (Tupperware) etc.
  • Dish Pack boxes should be used for packing your dishes and breakables. These are the sturdiest boxes and are designed for protecting breakables. Be sure to put plenty of packing paper on the bottom of the carton and wrap each piece in packing paper and load into the box as if you were loading a dishwasher. Do not lay the breakables flat in the container.


Looking for more helpful information, check out our Tips/Resources page on our website.


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