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Moving to Phoenix Guide: What You Should Know

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The area of Phoenix covers a total of 475 square miles, a third of which is undeveloped desert. The city was divided into 15 urban villages in 1986 with the hopes of creating stronger community interaction, and there is a great emphasis on urban design.

The urban villages are based on significant neighborhoods and areas annexed into the City of Phoenix. In addition to the 15 urban villages, there are numerous other regions and neighborhoods you can choose to call home.


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Moving to Downtown Phoenix


Moving to Central City Village

Central City (Warehouse District) contains most of the places of historical interest and nightspots in downtown Phoenix, including sporting venues (US Airways Center and Chase Field). Sky Harbor International Airport is also in Central City.

Moving to the F.Q. Story Historic District

F.Q. Story was developed as a typical 1920s neighborhood, and it still looks like it. The area is a nice mix of restored period and bungalow homes. There is also a recently revitalized shopping and dining district.

Moving to Garfield

The Garfield neighborhood is a bit east of downtown and slightly older than the F.Q. Story area. Garfield is also undergoing a healthy regeneration and restoration effort.

Moving to Grand Avenue

Between Roosevelt Street and Van Buren Street is the Grand Avenue neighborhood which is thriving with boutique shopping, art galleries, and hip bars where previously rundown storefronts used to be.

Moving to Alhambra

Alhambra is just outside of downtown and borders the Grand Canal. It is the northwestern end of the line for the METRO light rail.

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Moving to South Phoenix


Moving to Ahwatukee Foothills

Ahwatukee is a favorite spot for hiking, mountain biking, road cycling and other outdoor activities. The area also has numerous outdoor sport areas and golf courses.

Moving to Sunnyslope

Sunnyslope surrounds Sunnyslope Mountain and is a working-class neighborhood with its own downtown area. Sunnyslope Mountain (or S Mountain) has a large “S” painted on it and can be seen from across the city.

Moving to Laveen

The urban village of Laveen is mostly farm and pasture land, but recent years have seen Laveen become a lot more urbanized.


Moving to North Phoenix


Moving to Arcadia

Many of the large, lush yards in Arcadia feature remnants of its past life as a citrus grove (orange, lemon and grapefruit).  Arcadia is a fairly affluent area, which is probably how the residents can afford the water bill to maintain said large, lush yards. Arcadia offers a great selection of cafes and restaurants, but a terrible selection of parking spaces.

Moving to the Biltmore Area

If Biltmore sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of the popular Arizona Biltmore Hotel, which is as lavish as it sounds. The entire area is very upscale and exclusive. However, there is plenty of dining and shopping available should your budget allow.

Moving to Rio Vista

Rio Vista was originally called “New Village” and is located relatively far north of the city center. Most of the land in Rio Vista is undeveloped.


Moving to East Phoenix


Moving to Camelback East Village

Camelback East is adjacent to the affluent suburb/city of Scottsdale, and it feels like it. Wear fancy shorts.

Moving to Encanto Village

Encanto actually makes up the northern border in addition to the eastern. You could say that it has the city cornered. The Arizona State Fairgrounds are located in Encanto.


Moving to West Phoenix


Moving to Maryvale

Maryvale is still waiting on the revitalization craze to hit. Currently, it has the highest crime rate in the Phoenix area, with a high level of gang activity and drug activity. The area is actually safer than it was a decade ago, but probably shouldn’t be your first choice when moving Phoenix.


Moving Close to Phoenix

By nature of urban sprawl, moving to Phoenix may actually mean moving to one of the many adjacent communities in the Valley of the Sun.


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