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Moving into a Larger Home? Here’s How to Plan Your Decor


Moving into a Larger Home Here’s How to Plan Your Decor


Moving to a larger house can be very exciting! After the big moving day, it is common to feel intimidated by the decorating process. But it presents many opportunities, too! 


If you are making a move to a larger space with higher ceilings or more spacious rooms, these tips will help your decorating and make sure that the new house feels like home with no stress!


Separate Large Spaces


Sometimes, large spaces, like living rooms, can feel vacant without enough decorations. But, with too many decorations, they feel cluttered.


The best way of fixing this issue is to start by separating your space. Once you choose which areas will be for dining, TV watching, sitting, etc., the rest comes easy. 


When you’ve designated each space, lay down some area rugs to help create visual boundaries between them. Don’t be afraid to move them around and experiment! 


Next, add couches and furniture as low barriers between these sections. This extra separation will help that vacant room feel more livable without adding clutter. 


Consider the Height of the Space


Houses with high ceilings and tall walls are gorgeous, as they bring a great deal of openness to a room. In a lofty place, it’s a good idea to use any tall decorations you might have. 


Wall tapestries and chandeliers work well to highlight the attractive architecture of the room. Any tall decor like this will accent the high walls without making your decorations appear shortened. 


These larger decorations might make your move difficult. As such, finding a company in the moving industry with accessible moving trucks and reliable customer service will be a big help. 


Prior to Your Move, Pack Strategically



Getting settled into a larger space is easy if you know where to find your decor and belongings. When you start to pack, wardrobe boxes and vacuum-seal bags are helpful. Remember, you can never have too many labels! Packing organization helps strategize your every step, from the move to the decor. 


Your move can be stress-free when you know your belongings are in the hands of experienced and professional movers. 


If you are in the process of selecting a professional local or long-distance mover, we can help.Sullivan can help, your experienced Phoenix movers. As a licensed and insured business, we offer full-service delivery services based in Phoenix county. Even if this is your first moving experience, our quality customer service is sure to keep the transition smooth.


At the End of the Day


Getting settled in your new home can be stress-free if you keep these tips in mind! 


If you are moving locally, out of town, or even internationally, call Sullivan Mayflower. As one of the leading Phoenix moving companies, we promise you peace of mind! 


Get in contact and REQUEST A QUOTE today! As local movers, our mission is to guarantee you a stress-free move.

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