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How to Find the Best Moving Company — Top 5 Tips!


How to Find the Best Moving Company— Top 5 Tips!


With the moving experience being a life-changing decision, choosing the right company is paramount. We’ve put together our top five tips to help you decide between Phoenix moving companies and guarantee your move day goes smoothly. 


Follow these steps to guarantee you’re all set in your new home — stress-free — in no time!

1. Utilize Your Connections


Prior to your move day, talk to people you trust who have changed homes multiple times. They will have a few good options for you to start from, which cuts out the laborious process of searching the web from scratch.


Unless it’s long-distance moving, you want to choose a local moving company. That way, you can visit the local movers directly and have human contact while researching.  

2. Check Reliability


After you’ve narrowed down your choices, the next step is checking reliability. You’re going to want the hands that hold your most prized possessions to be safe and experienced, of course. 


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Conduct a web search to investigate the quality of delivery and customer service. Most main search engines allow you to filter reviews based on the quality of their feedback. Commit to browsing not only the five-star reviews and create an unbiased perspective of each company. 

3. Be Wary 


Several factors can point out an illegitimate business — or worse, a scam! Look for a company that is licensed and insured, paying detailed attention to the information given. 


Make sure also to avoid any companies that seem keen to get their payments upfront — this can be a sign they’ll take your money and run! 


Professional movers should also use electronic commerce (credit cards, online payments, etc.). If they ask for cash up front, it’s a red flag.

4. Test Using the Estimate


Use the estimate to experiment, examining the process. Pay attention to their equipment — never use a company that rents their moving trucks from another vendor. 


Also, a good rule for ensuring an accurate estimate is a comparison between businesses. If one mover’s estimate is too good to be true, and others have similar services but higher amounts, it could indicate a scam. 

5.  Prioritize Your Specific Needs


Prioritize Your Specific Needs


Make sure any group is familiar with transporting more challenging items such as artwork, instruments, wardrobe boxes, or any other large furniture. 


The people you choose should also be acquainted with different types of move — companies that have only undertaken relocations to houses may struggle with apartment complexes, for example.


Some companies will do it all for you, from packing to transportation and unpacking. If this sounds more your speed, determine whether the company offers full-service delivery services.

Call the Top Phoenix Movers


With all this considered, there’s one option that covers all the bases: Sullivan Mayflower. With years of experience in the business, we offer a professional and varied range of services — from in-depth assessments to virtual home tours. 


Our team can cover anything within Phoenix county, and we do long-distance moving, too! Our moving industry network means we have teams in Arizona and movers in San Diego, all with years of expertise that will make your transition effortless. 


Click here to request a moving quote! Or call us at 602-233-9633. We look forward to helping you complete a successful move. 

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