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Getting Electric in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix – Lit and Sip Event

Getting Electric in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix - Lit and Sip Event


Nature lovers are going to love to visit the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. There is a lot of beauty to take in during a walk through the garden. Even though visiting the garden is an experience in itself it can be taken to another level when joining other visitors during an event. One event called the lit and sip is a popular one for anyone that enjoys the garden and a nice mixed drink.


Electric Desert


The Electric Desert display is something that only happens after dark in the Desert Botanical Garden. With this display, the garden is lit up with bright and colorful lights where different sounds play. It is a completely different experience than walking through the garden during the day in the sunlight.


Klip Collective helps to put forth the beautiful show that is the Electric Desert. They are a video shop who uses experimental sounds, lights, and interactive displays to put on a show. They have run many different kinds of shows for various agencies. The Electric Desert being unique in that they paired up with the botanical garden for their display.


Lit and Sip


The Lit and Sip event is much different than any other event that is held in the Desert Botanical Garden. It is still about looking through the garden, but it is so much more than that. When attending the Lit and Sip event be sure to be ready for neon lights, music, and a little alcohol. This turns the garden into a party room. The Lit and Sip event is an extension of the Electric Desert. It uses the lights and sound of the Electric Desert and builds on it. The event still takes place after dark when the lights can be best seen. They then add in the bonus of finding new cocktails to drink and having a dance floor.


Those that like alcohol is going to love the variety of drinks available during this event. Depending on the month there are different mixed drinks that visitors can order. There is always a featured drink to try. For April the featured drink is appropriately named Spring in the Garden. It has vodka, lime leaf tonic, lime juice, and a little sparkling water. A wonderful fresh drink to have while enjoying in the scenery.


With the presence of alcohol during this event, only those that are 21 years or older may attend. While some events may allow children to attend with their parents this is an exception. When coming to join the fun remember to leave any outside food or drinks at home. All alcohol must be purchased from Iconic Cocktail Co.


Plan ahead for this event. Once the tickets are purchased there are no refunds given if a member of the party cannot attend. This includes any exchanges or rain dates, once the ticket is purchased it must be purchased or lost.


To buy a ticket it is beneficial to be a member. Members will only pay twenty-five dollars for entry. While non-members are going to pay thirty-five dollars. Becoming a member has many benefits and is a good choice for anyone looking to visit the garden many times.


Now the interesting part of this party is the way the music works. Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy a party when the music that is playing is not the right genre. The great thing about Lit and Sip is the Silent Dance Party. With the Silent Dance Party, there are two types of music to enjoy. That is two genres of music playing at the same time. Although there is no need to go from one area to another to listen to the other music. Instead, they use a system of headphones.


When arriving at the party choose which genre of music is preferable. With that chosen pick the set of headphones playing that music. These headphones can be traded in at any time if a person wants to switch up their musical style. Feel free to pop in the headphones and start dancing. There is a designated dance area to party it up with other people listening to the same music. Or really make the dancing interesting and find someone that is grooving to a different beat.


A Typical Visit


The garden does sometimes have different visiting hours, however, most of the time visitors can start their day around eight. Their hours run long and the garden is open well into the night and finally closes around eleven. Some events take place during the day while others will take place at night.


Depending on the nature of the event and the amount of daylight needed. Those that only want to see the garden should avoid coming during a time where there is an event scheduled. It can be very busy during events and crowded. Those that want to come to an event should be sure to reserve a ticket early. Some events allow people to walk up and make a purchase while others are sold out. The garden is closed on major holidays, as well.


Being a member has its benefits when visiting during normal business hours when an event is not happening. Visitors that have a member pass will be able to come into the garden for free. Otherwise, there is a general admission fee that is typically around twenty-five dollars. Children tickets are usually half price of an adult ticket. Another discount provided is to military personnel who are able to get in for free if they show their government ID.


Taking a trip to the Desert Botanical Garden is a favorite past time of many Phoenix residents. They purchase a membership to save money on general admission and on event tickets. Events like the Lit and Sip brings in new visitors that were already interested in the garden by incorporating new activities like dancing and tasting different cocktails. Every event is something special when visiting the garden and those passing through Phoenix should try to stop by for a beautiful walk amongst the many plants.

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