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Debunking Common Myths on Moving and Professional Movers

Like with any industry that’s as popular and commonly-utilized as the professional moving world, sadly there are a few major myths that have sprung up over the years regarding these companies and their services. Some of these come from unfortunate personal experiences, while others may have arisen from information that might have been correct in the past, but no longer is.

At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we’re proud to offer a not only a variety of local and long-distance moving services to clients throughout Phoenix, but also to provide clients with the proper information on the moving process and how our services assist you during it. We’ve heard all the most common myths out there about moving and professional movers — let’s set them straight for you.

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Myth #1: All Professional Moving Companies Are the Same

While it’s true that most moving companies offer at least somewhat similar services to one another in a broad sense, the idea that they’re all simply interchangeable couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, while many companies may share some similarities, they’re all ultimately unique in terms of how they operate and what services they specifically offer.

For example, while one company may only work within a specific geographical area or specialize in long-distance moves for clients who are moving locations not too far from their original apartment, another may work as a national company with a network of movers who specialize in relocating clients from one side of the country to another.

In addition, moving companies will differ greatly in terms of quality and experience, and will reflect that in the prices they charge for their services. Unlike other types of services, a professional moving company is not a one-size-fits all type of business; you can’t simply choose based on price alone or choose the first one you come across — it’s important to take your time and invest some research into finding a reputable company that will be able to provide you with the services you need at a fair price.

Myth #2: Professional Moving Companies Are Terrible with Clients’ Belongings

One of the other major concerns that many clients have when looking into hiring professional movers is that they’re going to somehow mess up their belongings and either damage them or lose them en route to their new home. While such incidents can occur, it’s important to understand that professional moving companies are actually the best at ensuring your belongings arrive safely.

While there will always be an element of risk when hiring a mover for this type of service, the fact is that any reputable company will go above and beyond to ensure that your belongings arrive safely and intact. In addition, many professional moving companies will provide you with a complete inventory of all the items they’re transporting for you prior to loading it up on their trucks or shipping containers.

In other words, if something does go wrong along the way, you’ll have full documentation of your belongings and exactly what shape they were in prior to the incident. This will make it much easier for you to pursue compensation if needed, as well as provide proof if the moving company denies any wrongdoing.

Myth #3: Weekends Are the Ideal Time to Move

Many of us indeed have more free time during the weekends, but that’s precisely why they’ve actually become a popular option for many full-service moving companies. In reality, weekends are the least ideal time to move because you’ll be competing with many other people who are also free during this time.

While certain weekend moves might not be avoidable, we recommend looking for weekday opportunities if possible. Not only will this provide you with a much more enjoyable moving experience, but it’s also when professional movers are generally much less busy and there can be a cost difference as well.

Myth #4: All Tape and Moving Boxes Are Basically the Same

Wrong! From moving boxes to packing tape, packing pellets and more, the quality and durability of your moving supplies can make a huge difference in how smoothly your move goes. When it comes to packing supplies and other equipment, there’s actually a big difference between what you might find at a typical store like Walmart and the materials used by professional moving companies.

You see, while some people assume that these two types of tape and moving boxes are basically the same, that’s actually not true at all. Professional movers understand just how delicate your belongings can be and use only the highest quality options for securing them. In other words, you’ll want to invest in quality supplies if you want a higher chance of everything arriving intact.

Myth #5: The Move is Going to Be Messy No Matter What

While moving might be a combination of stressful and tedious work, that doesn’t mean a huge mess has to be a part of the experience. In fact, if you invest some time and energy into preparing for your move in advance, you’ll be surprised at how little mess actually occurs when everything is said and done.

For example, many professional moving companies provide a packing services in which they will wrap and box up all of your loose items. If this fits within your budget and needs as a client, we highly recommend taking them up on this option. Not only will it save you tons of time, but it can also prevent messes that might otherwise occur. However, if you do choose to pack some or all of your own belongings, be sure to follow our packing tips for professional movers.

For more on the common myths out there surrounding moving and professional movers, or to get the proper information and learn about any of our moving services, speak to the team at Sullivan Moving & Storage today. We have been serving the Phoenix community for decades!

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