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Common Protocols for Tipping Your Local Movers

Many people who use a local moving service have probably wondered about the proper etiquette for tipping their movers. While it is ultimately up to personal preference, some standard guidelines can help make your decision. The moving industry is service-oriented, but tipping is sometimes a gray area because it is not always expected or required.

Protocols for tipping local movers

How Much Do You Tip Movers?

One of the main reasons we hire a professional to handle our moving and packing needs is to alleviate some of the stress and physical labor that comes with it. That said, you’ve probably wondered whether you should tip or not, along with the appropriate amount.

The tricky part for tipping movers is there isn’t typically a set standard, like in the food service industry. For example, if you go out to eat and receive good service, it’s expected to leave a 15-20% tip on your bill. That set expectation is different for movers.

Our Phoenix movers put together a little guide to break down the protocol for tipping your moving company:

  • If your local movers did an excellent job and you feel they indeed went above and beyond, 10-20 percent of the total bill is a good range for local movers.
  • If your moving did an average job or you weren’t completely satisfied, you might not feel it’s necessary to leave a tip or a reduced amount.

Another vital thing to consider is if there were any added fees or last-minute changes that didn’t get planned. Some examples include going up additional flights of stairs or long carries. In cases like these, an additional 5-10 percent is appropriate to show appreciation for the added effort.

Are Tipping Local Movers Generally Accepted In Phoenix?

Moving requires a lot of hard work, but local movers in Phoenix and other cities typically don’t expect tips. However, they will gladly accept them as it shows appreciation for their services. Professionals who can move your items carefully without damage are worth a little extra gratitude. A good time to tip local movers is at the end of the move when all items have been safely delivered and unpacked to your new location. You can also give it in cash or add it to the payment for their services, whichever you prefer.

Factors That Can Affect How Much You Tip

Sometimes you may consider tipping more for your moving project because the nature of the work is more complex. Some examples include:

  • Assembling and disassembling large furniture
  • Packing fragile or valuable items
  • Moving a high volume of items
  • Moving from a multi-story building

Overall, the protocol for local movers doesn’t have something written in stone, but it’s essential to remember all the hard work that goes into safely transporting your belongings. Showing appreciation through tipping can go a long way if you decide to use the same moving service again.

How Else Can I Show Gratitude To My Local Movers?

Tipping money is always a nice gesture, but there are other ways to show you appreciate your moving company’s hard work. For example, you could write a positive review or recommendation on their social media page or website. If you were delighted with one local mover, giving them a personal note of thanks can make their day. No matter how you show gratitude to your local movers, just remember that they are there to assist and alleviate some stress during a hectic time. Simply offering a cold drink also goes a long way if they are helping your move in the middle of the summer.

The Bottom Line: Do I Need To Tip My Movers?

While tipping local movers is not expected or required, it is nice to show your appreciation for their hard work. The appropriate amount can vary, and it should consider the difficulty of the move and the level of service provided.

As there is yet to be a standard for local movers, use your best judgment when deciding how much to tip. Other ways to show gratitude include writing positive reviews or giving personal thanks. Remember, your local movers are there to make your moving process more manageable.  Sullivan Moving & Storage appreciate all our loyal customers, and we look forward to helping you with your next local move in Phoenix.

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