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How to Prepare for Moving With Young Children

    Children love and thrive in a routine environment and the news of moving to a new home and town can bring up a number of emotions. The chaos of packing and saying goodbye to friends and the familiar comfort of their community can make children feel apprehensive and insecure.    At the new home, children must adapt to a new neighborhood, a new school, and new friends. Some may even have a hard time making new fr..

Moving Day Checklist

    Moving from one home to another can be a daunting task and using a checklist ensures everything is in order. Moving to a new house without a checklist is like going to the store without a shopping list. While it’s possible, you may end up disorganized and without half of the items you need.    A moving day checklist will provide you with the framework to keep you in check during the moving process and ensure ..

DIY Packing Tips

    Moving can be both an exciting and stressful experience. The first step after you research and select a professional Phoenix Mover is to start the planning process. One of the more stressful parts of the moving process can be packing.. If you plan to do the packing yourself, here are some helpful DIY packing tips to safely and efficiently pack your household goods.   Create a Packing List Create a list of every..

Phoenix Moving Tips to Make Life Easy

    Choosing a place to live at any point in life is not an easy task.  Whether moving alone or with a huge family it can be hard to decide where and when.  Once this decision has been made the task of moving must now be endured. Moving at any time in life is exhilarating and scary at the same time.  Many people are deciding to move to Phoenix. Take care and use these tips to make this an easy process.   Choosing P..

How to Move During COVID-19 in Phoenix

Moving, in normal circumstances, is stressful enough, but moving to a new home during a pandemic adds another level of complexity.    Is it even possible to move in a pandemic? Fortunately, it is.   Moving and storage companies like Sullivan Mayflower are considered essential activities in Arizona. Moving companies are open and operational to conduct moves both across town and across the country. If you find yourself in n..

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