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What Not to Put in Storage: Advice from Phoenix Movers

At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we not only provide moving services, but we also maintain storage facilities for our clients. Oftentimes when you’re moving, you have things you don’t want to get rid of but aren’t able to take with you right away. These are the types of items our clients want to put into storage. But not everything stores well. What should you not put into storage? 1. Anything perishable You may think you will only sto..

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Phoenix Movers You Can Trust

When you’re researching a company you are thinking of using, you sometimes read on their website, “licensed, bonded and insured.” But what does that mean, exactly? Sullivan Moving & Storage explains below how licensed, bonded and insured companies are more trustworthy than their laissez-faire counterparts. Licensed Moving Company Arizona does not require local moving companies to have a license to operate. However, other types of ..

How to Find the Best Moving Company — Top 5 Tips!

    With the moving experience being a life-changing decision, choosing the right company is paramount. We've put together our top five tips to help you decide between Phoenix moving companies and guarantee your move day goes smoothly.    Follow these steps to guarantee you're all set in your new home — stress-free — in no time! 1. Utilize Your Connections   Prior to your move day, talk to people ..

Moving From Phoenix to Europe? Here’s What You Should Know

  Moving from Phoenix to Europe is both an exhilarating and daunting experience. Whether you’ve just received a transfer letter to a European country,  or you plan to spend your retirement in Europe, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure your relocation is successful.    You don’t want unexpected surprises simply because you didn’t plan properly or didn’t do enough research. So, here are a few thing..

Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix for Families

    While choosing a new area to live many people start thinking of their future. They may think of their new career path, the desire to have pets, a change in the family like a new spouse, or maybe adding some children into the mix. With all of these changes, a person starts to really sweat about the safety, the school districts, and the neighborhood they are moving into. To choose a great neighborhood by Phoenix any resident..

Real Estate Prices In Phoenix

    Phoenix is an area that many people are trying to move to.  With this, there is a serious problem in the prices of housing in Phoenix.  Many people are trying to move to Phoenix but there are not enough homes being sold.  Those that have purchased a house are choosing to stay in their homes and renovate versus selling and upgrading.  Leaving many buyers wanting more. This is bad news for buyers, but great news for thos..

The Beginners Guide to Moving – Phoenix, Arizona

  For many people that visit Phoenix, they start to dream of living there.  Some people just become frequent fliers and spend all their vacations in the area.  Others make the leap and decide to move to the area. Moving to a brand new area is a hard thing to do.  Those that want to be prepared for this new part of their life should go beyond thinking about the fun activities to do when they vacation and concentrate on what it is li..

The 5 Reasons That Make People Move to Phoenix

  People think of Phoenix and they think of the sun. Of course, this city gets some of the most suns as any area around. Over three hundred days of the bright sunshine every year. That makes it so easy to enjoy the beauty of Phoenix on a daily basis. Potential residents may wonder if moving to Phoenix is worth the hassle and current residents will answer with a resounding, yes.   Residents are proud of their city. There are..

Getting Electric in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix – Lit and Sip Event

  Nature lovers are going to love to visit the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. There is a lot of beauty to take in during a walk through the garden. Even though visiting the garden is an experience in itself it can be taken to another level when joining other visitors during an event. One event called the lit and sip is a popular one for anyone that enjoys the garden and a nice mixed drink.   Electric Desert ..

Traveling Around Phoenix: The Chandler Ostrich Festival

  Anyone that lives in Phoenix or those that are traveling around Phoenix may have heard about the Chandler Ostrich Festival. This festival first began to celebrate the ostrich ranching in Chandler.   As the years have gone by more people have become interested in the festival. It has grown to include much more than a simple celebration. There are now both rides and attractions to enjoy while visiting the festival in Tumble..

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