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5 Things to Do the First Week in Your New Home

For anyone moving into a new home, this is both an exciting and a busy time. There are a number of tasks you may be thinking about completing during the early parts of your time in your new home, including many that are vital for your adjustment to the new space and ensuring all your belongings have been properly moved and packed during your moving process. At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we're here to help with many of them, from the lead-u..

How to Purge Before Moving Day

There are several important steps that come with any major moving process, and one of these is purging and downsizing the home you're moving out of. This is a process that often takes significant time, from the initial planning stages through actual packing and moving, and there are a few important things to think about before moving day and your moving truck arrives. At Sullivan Moving & Storage, our full-service Phoenix movers are here t..

Top DIY Packing Tips for a Phoenix Move

There are a few important parts of the process for any move you're carrying out, and packing is one that must be closely considered. From advanced packing needs to moving day concepts, ensuring you're packed correctly and efficiently will go a long way toward helping you carry out a successful move. At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we're happy to offer the very best local and long-distance moving services to clients in Phoenix and nearby area..

Debunking Common Myths on Moving and Professional Movers

Like with any industry that's as popular and commonly-utilized as the professional moving world, sadly there are a few major myths that have sprung up over the years regarding these companies and their services. Some of these come from unfortunate personal experiences, while others may have arisen from information that might have been correct in the past, but no longer is. At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we're proud to offer a not only a var..

Phoenix Moving Checklist: A Timeline to Prepare for a Successful Move

When preparing for a move, whether residential or commercial in nature, it's common practice to set up a moving checklist that will help you move through this process. There are a few different formats you may consider for such a checklist, and one of the most popular is a checklist that begins with the furthest-out date from your move, then continues listing important tasks and planning to cover as you get closer and closer to the all-important ..

Tips for Making Your Move Easier

Many people dread their eventual moving date when making a major move from one location to another, but there are many ways you can limit the stress and anxiety you may be feeling. From working with experienced moving professionals to several other areas, you have a number of resources available to help you get through this process as simply and easily as possible. At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we're happy to serve several extremely valuab..

Top Key Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

If you're preparing to move in the near future, whether from a home or an office to any other location, one of your first big decisions will be whether to hire professionals to assist you. Some who are only moving a few small items may choose to save money and complete the move themselves, but the larger your move volume the more likely it is that you'll want some professional help on your side. At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we're happy to..

How to Find the Best Professional Movers in Phoenix

When it comes to your moving needs in Phoenix or any nearby area, we're well aware you have many options. There are a number of factors you should be considering when looking to hire movers for your needs, from the reputation of the company to several others that may impact your experience. At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we're happy to provide clients with a comprehensive range of commercial and residential moving services, including both l..

Preparation for a Cross-Country Move from Phoenix

Preparation is important for any major move you're taking part in, and especially for long-distance and cross-country moves. Many people moving across such huge distances will begin their planning process months in advance, and will be keeping an eye on several important areas as they move through the planning stages. At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we're happy to offer a comprehensive range of long-distance moving services to clients origin..

What Not to Put in Storage: Advice from Phoenix Movers

At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we not only provide moving services, but we also maintain storage facilities for our clients. Oftentimes when you’re moving, you have things you don’t want to get rid of but aren’t able to take with you right away. These are the types of items our clients want to put into storage. But not everything stores well. What should you not put into storage? 1. Anything perishable You may think you will only sto..

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