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How to Move Safely in the Era of COVID-19

The number of cases of COVID-19 as well as the number of deaths have been falling since vaccines have become available to the general public in the U.S. At Sullivan Moving & Storage, we are continuing to follow CDC recommendations for COVID-19 precautions when we provide our moving services in Phoenix. We have put together some tips for you that will help you feel safer moving during the era of COVID-19. 1. Open doors and windows during ..

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Phoenix Movers You Can Trust

When you’re researching a company you are thinking of using, you sometimes read on their website, “licensed, bonded and insured.” But what does that mean, exactly? Sullivan Moving & Storage explains below how licensed, bonded and insured companies are more trustworthy than their laissez-faire counterparts. Licensed Moving Company Arizona does not require local moving companies to have a license to operate. However, other types of ..

Timing Is Key with Moving Services

You know that friend or relative you have who’s always late, no matter what? They’re pretty annoying, aren’t they? They waste your time, leaving you waiting and then they act like it’s no big deal. As annoying as they are, it’s worse when a company that you’re paying to help you is late. With Sullivan Moving & Storage of Phoenix, that won’t happen. Our moving company prides itself on our punctuality. On-Time Movers in Phoen..

Moving into a Larger Home? Here’s How to Plan Your Decor

    Moving to a larger house can be very exciting! After the big moving day, it is common to feel intimidated by the decorating process. But it presents many opportunities, too!    If you are making a move to a larger space with higher ceilings or more spacious rooms, these tips will help your decorating and make sure that the new house feels like home with no stress!   Separate Large Spaces   ..

Moving From Phoenix to Europe? Here’s What You Should Know

  Moving from Phoenix to Europe is both an exhilarating and daunting experience. Whether you’ve just received a transfer letter to a European country,  or you plan to spend your retirement in Europe, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure your relocation is successful.    You don’t want unexpected surprises simply because you didn’t plan properly or didn’t do enough research. So, here are a few thing..

Staging Your Home to Sell – Mayflower

    Do you plan to move and want to do it fast and with as much money in your bank account as possible? Staging your home to sell is a great first step.   Home staging is the best way to maximize the chances of a quick and profitable real estate transaction. It involves improving your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers.   If you do it correctly, you’ll have no problem selling your home...

The Beginners Guide to Moving – Phoenix, Arizona

  For many people that visit Phoenix, they start to dream of living there.  Some people just become frequent fliers and spend all their vacations in the area.  Others make the leap and decide to move to the area. Moving to a brand new area is a hard thing to do.  Those that want to be prepared for this new part of their life should go beyond thinking about the fun activities to do when they vacation and concentrate on what it is li..

Top 10 Tips for a Long Distance Move

1. Put on Your Planning Cap     No matter how simple it might seem on paper, long distance moving is hardly ever that simple. To minimize the impact it has on your life you’ll have to sit down and plot the way forward. Get out a notepad or your favorite tasks mobile app and put together a checklist.   Do things like contact moving companies months ahead of time to figure out every detail from costs, to the lo..

Top 20 Reasons to Move To Phoenix, Arizona

  There are hundreds of reasons to move to Phoenix, Arizona this year but we wanted to give you 20 of our favorite reasons to love this city. 1. Phoenix Has A Unique And Vibrant Coffee Scene   There are tons of independent coffee shops and coffee roasters here, such as Cartel Coffee Lab and Press Coffee. 2. We Have The Most Authentic Mexican Food North Of Tijuana   Phoenix is well-known for having some of the m..

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