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Top 10 Tips for a Long Distance Move

1. Put on Your Planning Cap No matter how simple it might seem on paper, long distance moving is hardly ever that simple. To minimize the impact it has on your life you’ll have to sit down and plot the way forward. Get out a notepad or your favorite tasks mobile app and put together a checklist. Do things like contact moving companies months ahead of time to figure out every detail from costs, to the logistic,s but most importantly; t..

Top 20 Reasons to Move To Phoenix, Arizona

There are hundreds of reasons to move to Phoenix, Arizona this year but we wanted to give you 20 of our favorite reasons to love this city.   1. Phoenix Has A Unique And Vibrant Coffee Scene There are tons of independent coffee shops and coffee roasters here, such as Cartel Coffee Lab and Press Coffee.   2. We Have The Most Authentic Mexican Food North Of Tijuana Phoenix is well-known for having some of the most authentic Mexican ..

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