Searching for Fall in Phoenix

Fall in Phoenix is not the same as other areas. It takes much longer for the cooler days to set in. Most of the time the cool fall weather is actually still very hot. Anywhere from the high eighties up to the high nineties. Not many people think about those temperatures and think fall, but it does make it easy to celebrate favorite fall holidays, outdoors. Fall Colors [caption id="attachment_844" align="aligncenter" width="536"] photo:

Moving to Phoenix Guide: What You Should Know

The area of Phoenix covers a total of 475 square miles, a third of which is undeveloped desert. The city was divided into 15 urban villages in 1986 with the hopes of creating stronger community interaction, and there is a great emphasis on urban design.The urban villages are based on significant neighborhoods and areas annexed into the City of Phoenix. In addition to the 15 urban villages, there are numerous other regions and neighborhoods ..

Staying Cool without The Pool in Phoenix

Summers in Phoenix are hot. Sometimes it is unbearable to try to do anything fun in the summer because we are trying to avoid the heat. With the temperatures staying far too high for far too long what can you do besides relax by the pool? There are many options to stay cool this summer that do not have to include water.Water is a great option for staying cool. It is lovely to sink into a cool pool on a hot day. Children love to play in the po..

Swimming with the Family a Phoenix Summer

Summer in Phoenix can be described as one thing, hot. While many people come to Arizona to escape cold winter months they leave much before the heat of summer sets in. Anyone that lives in Arizona knows that it can be hard to find a good way to stay cool in the summer. Avoiding going outside and living with your air conditioner on high is one way. Another way is to head down to the local pool.Pools can be a great way for everyone to cool down..

3 Hiking Destinations in Phoenix

When looking for great places to hike Phoenix has it all. You are able to find a place to hike even if you are a beginner. If you are well versed in the hiking game there are more difficult hikes that will challenge your skills. The best part about hiking in Phoenix is the convenience. The areas that you will be hiking in are right outside the city. You can hop into your car and take a day trip to go hiking.Papago Park [caption id="attachmen..

Top 10 Shopping Experiences in Phoenix

A day of shopping can be a great way to enjoy time with the family or take a day for yourself. Phoenix offers a variety of shopping areas. These areas cover much more than your typical small scale malls. You can always expect to have multiple stores to visit as well as a variety of restaurants. If you are just visiting or live in the Phoenix area you will always find a shopping experience that is a great fit for your lifestyle.Desert Ridge Ma..

Top 10 Tips for a Long Distance Move

1. Put on Your Planning CapNo matter how simple it might seem on paper, long distance moving is hardly ever that simple. To minimize the impact it has on your life you’ll have to sit down and plot the way forward. Get out a notepad or your favorite tasks mobile app and put together a checklist.Do things like contact moving companies months ahead of time to figure out every detail from costs, to the logistic,s but most importantly; t..

Top 10 Public Golf Courses in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona

If I went to Phoenix and only had the time to play at one golf course, which one would I chose? This is the question I’ve been asking myself lately while trying to decide on my top 10 public golf facilities in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. And trust me, it hasn’t been easy. photo credit:  This question, I realized, essentially b..

Moving to Phoenix Neighborhood Guide: What You Should Know

Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert about an hour north of Arizona’s second largest city, Tucson. Phoenix is surrounded by mountain ranges and receives ample sunshine, earning it the nickname Valley of the Sun. Moving Advice [caption id="attachment_595" align="alignnone" width="740"] photo:[/caption] Here are some things you should know before moving to Phoenix. Moving Season: Mo..

Moving to Phoenix Guide: The Cost Of Living Guide

[caption id="attachment_614" align="alignnone" width="740"] photo:[/caption] While health care and general goods and services tend to run a little higher than the national average, the cost of living in Phoenix is still generally low. The rating on the US cost of living index is 95, just below the national average of 100. A gallon of gas in Phoenix is 10 percent lower than the national average. Average rent for an apartment is $1,02..

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