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Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix for Families


Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix for Families


While choosing a new area to live many people start thinking of their future. They may think of their new career path, the desire to have pets, a change in the family like a new spouse, or maybe adding some children into the mix. With all of these changes, a person starts to really sweat about the safety, the school districts, and the neighborhood they are moving into. To choose a great neighborhood by Phoenix any resident or potential resident should consider these important factors in finding a neighborhood.


Getting to Work


That new career is not going to seem so pleasant if there is an hour or more drive to get there. Even if the neighborhood is close to the job, consider the traffic, as well. Sometimes a closer neighborhood is going to be much more congested around the typical work hours. Finding a neighborhood that is a bit further away with a direct route that is less traveled can save someone from getting stuck in a traffic jam.


Another aspect to consider is the wasted time driving too and from work, if buying in a neighborhood that is too far away. Think of the time that is spent driving versus the time that could be spent at home with a spouse, with the dog, or with the children. No one wants to waste time in the car unless that truly like driving and want the time to decompress after work.


While thinking about children or even walking the dog in the neighborhood a great thing to remember is the amount of traffic the road gets. There are some roads in neighborhoods that are considered the main road. With this many cars are going to be driving on the road, probably too fast, at the beginning and end of their day. Avoid this by choosing a house in a cul-de-sac.


Take into consideration the setup of the sidewalks and bike lanes. If the neighborhood lacks both it is going to be far more dangerous for the family that likes spending time walking the neighborhood. Children do not always pay attention to the road and pets can getaway. Having that sidewalk buffer between these lives and cars helps with anyone’s peace of mind.


Off To School


If planning on having children, or even if planning to sell that house in the next few years, a Phoenix resident should pay attention to the school districts. People want to send their children to the best schools possible. Finding the best school in the area and then moving to a neighborhood that is part of that district is a good strategy. However, a potential resident needs to do a little more research than this.


Remember, everyone wants their child to go to that school. Visit with school officials if possible and see how their student to teacher ratio compares to other schools. Many sought after schools are going to have too many children already. Some may have so many attempting to enroll that they are needing to redirect children to other schools.


Plus a school rating is not all it is cracked up to be. While shooting for a school that has a higher rating is a good start it is about the curriculum too. Learn more about what the schools are teaching and their lesson plans. Think about the after school activities that are available. Some parents rely on after-school programs if they have jobs that they cannot leave early.


Neighborhood Crime


Another major concern for anyone when moving is thinking about the crime that may be in the area. Even if a person is not looking to have children they still should feel safe in the neighborhood that they are going to live in. Crime rates are easy to find. There are many online sources to look up the crime rates and statistics of a given neighborhood.


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On average, people think moving away from the city into a suburb or even into the country will help them avoid crime. While this can be true for some areas, it is not always safer if these less populated areas. Remember that crime can change street to street. While one side of a neighborhood may be perfectly safe the other side may see a bit more crime.

Local Hangout


Something to look for is the distance between the neighborhood and the closest park. Children, teenagers, and pets alike are going to love living close to a park. Or an area where they can relax or play that is away from home. Those that have to travel long distances for the closest park are not likely to go very often. Making it a chore every time the family does decide to get into the car and take a trip there.


Access to Businesses


No one wants to live right next door to a commercial district. Those that lived in homes that were once surrounded by empty lots know the pain of business popping up next door and the traffic that brings. At the same time living an hour away from any business makes it hard in situations where they may need to stop quickly to pick up just a jug of milk or some new socks.


Find the right distance to the closest downtown business district. Sticking closer, even within walking distance, can be great for those that spend a lot of time shopping. This can help save on gas and wear and tear on the car too. Plus the time saved traveling can be spent doing other activities.


Different areas have different focuses. Some places have upscale shops that focus on clothing and trendy foods. While others prefer the more neighborly approach with small businesses. There is some that focus on family-friendly areas. Mixing businesses with areas where children and teenagers can hang out and play. Find the right fit for the family before moving in.



Starting with an area for those most focused on their career and being right in the middle of the action in Downtown Phoenix. This area is perfect for anyone taking on a new career or those that are just starting their professional life. It has everything that people look for in a big city. A great neighborhood for those that are not really into that quiet country-life.


There is immediate access to shops and restaurants so it is not necessary to have a vehicle. For those that do not own a vehicle, there are plenty of public transportation options, as well. Making it easy for those that do not work right in town to get to work and back. These transportation options include bus systems, rail systems, and even shuttles.




A neighborhood that is crafted after any art lovers heart is Downtown Scottsdale. Living in Downtown Scottsdale is for anyone, but art enthusiasts are going to feel right at home. There are galleries to attend and tons of venues to explore. The scenery is amplified with art pieces.


This area should be at the top of the list for someone looking to work in the art scene. It is also a good pick for those that like to relax and party a bit at the end of the day. There are plenty of venues to choose from that have dancing and drinking.




Those that like a community feel will love living in Ahwatukee. Living in this neighborhood puts families right by the action without being in the action. It is close enough to everything that they could need and yet removed enough to still be a quiet neighborhood. Living in Ahwatukee is an upper-class experience. It is close by the South Mountain Park which allows for days of hiking and entertainment close to home. There are also weekly farmers’ markets for those that prefer homegrown food to that bought in a supermarket. With so many people coming together for activities like the farmer’s market it is a
much more community-oriented area for children to grow up in.




Aptly named, Paradise Valley is a great place for a family to settle down. This neighborhood is well-known as the go-to for families that want to uphold a certain upper-class experience. People love this area because of where it is in proximity to the major shopping districts. It is in the perfect area to be close-by all the best areas without living in busy business areas.


Every family has different criteria for what is preferred in a neighborhood. Some focus on schools while others prefer the amenities. Buying or renting a house in any neighborhood is a big step and Phoenix residents should do their research before making the leap. There are many neighborhoods to choose from each with their own benefits and downfalls for each family.

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