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A Walk Through the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

Getting Electric in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix - Lit and Sip Event


Any nature lover is going to love visiting the Desert Botanical garden in Phoenix. When thinking about gardens people think of the small sections of a person’s yard dedicated to a few flowers and plants. The Desert Botanical garden is so much more than this with acres of land, hundreds of volunteers, hundreds of thousands of visitors, and many plants that are displayed in their outdoor exhibits. There are many ways to experience the gardens and every experience can be different so it is worth visiting multiple times throughout the year.


All About the Desert Botanical Garden


The Desert Botanical garden owns one hundred and forty acres of land of which fifty-five acres are currently under cultivation. This allows them to display over fifty thousand plants in their many outdoor exhibits that visitors can enjoy. Being such a large garden they have been recognized by the American Alliance of Museums with an accreditation which only twenty-four botanical gardens have achieved.

There are typically a little over one hundred workers that are employed to cultivate these plants and aid in researching as well as educating. These workers do not do all the work on their own. On average over eight hundred volunteers help them throughout the year to keep the garden flourishing. With their help, the garden is able to provide education to the many schools in the area and even grow almost four hundred rare or endangered plants.


Visiting the Garden


On average the garden will open around eight in the morning and is open until eleven at night. Being a member will get visitors in early on certain days, as well. Which is helpful to beat the crowds if there is an event going on. There are a few holidays where the garden is closed including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July.

A member is able to get into the garden for free without needing to pay the general admission fee. For those that would like to visit who are not members, it can cost around twenty-five dollars depending on their pricing at the time. Children tickets are usually half of what an adult ticket will cost and any children under three get in for free. Anyone that is active military personnel can get in free by showing their government ID.


Member Benefits


It is wonderful to be a member of the Desert Botanical garden if someone likes to visit the garden frequently. With membership, there is unlimited access to the garden without being charged general admission. Members are going to be contacted with information about any discounts and deals the garden is running before the general public. Saving them money and the hassle of researching those promotions themselves.

The staff at the garden will have classes or workshops that visitors can attend. These classes do cost extra and are not included in general admission. Members are going to get a discount when visiting a class. They can also use this discount to buy items from the shop.

Sometimes the garden will have member-only events. Throughout the year there are days dedicated to members only. Plus there are days throughout the week where members can get in an hour before the general public. The membership also gives access to the Garden Library and sets up a magazine subscription to Sonoran Quarterly and Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine.


Planning a Visit


Coming to visit the garden is something anyone can enjoy. Whether it is a peaceful outing with the family or a date day while learning a new craft the Desert Botanical garden has a lot to offer. To really enjoy the visit it is best to plan it out and remember to bring a few items with.


Always start with sunscreen. Anyone that is used to the Phoenix sun will know they not only need to apply it before they leave the house, but it will be needed throughout the day as well. Part of enjoying the garden is about enjoying the sunshine. Don’t let the bright sun put a damper on enjoying the beauty of the gardens and be sure to wear a hat or even sunglasses.


It is a long walk to see the many plants that are available. Always wear shoes that can be walked in for a long period of time. Visitors that go for style or comfort always regret their choice in shoes by the end of the day. When walking stay hydrated. Bring water with to drink and stop frequently at the Hydration Stations that are available.


The walk can be strenuous for anyone that is not used to going long distances. The path itself is fairly level and easy to walk on, it is simply a long distance to make it around the garden. Anyone that wants to visit with a wheelchair or stroller will be able to get around smoothly. There are even strollers, scooters, and wheelchairs available to rent for those that are unable to haul their own to the garden. These are limited and cannot be reserved as they are on a first come first serve basis.


Finally, always bring a way to capture the beauty of the gardens. Cameras are allowed and encouraged in the garden. The staff and volunteers spent countless hours cultivating the landscape and want people to enjoy it. Taking pictures is even easier now with the ability to snap great photos on smartphones. So don’t be shy and click away.


Everyone should feel welcome to walk through the gardens. The Desert Botanical garden does ask visitors to leave their pets at home. Service dogs and miniature horses are allowed. To share in the experience of the garden with pets visit on Dogs’ Day. Eat before coming to the garden or visit the restaurant do not bring food to eat while walking. Finally, visitors are asked to leave weapons or firearms at home while visiting.


Visiting the Desert Botanical garden in Phoenix is a great way to experience the beauty of the desert. It is a place to learn more about the local environment, experience the wonders that the desert can provide, and even learn about gardening in the desert. Resident and tourists should stop in the garden especially if there is an event happening. It is an easy and inexpensive way to spend a hot day in Phoenix.

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