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5 Unusual Shops That are a Must-See While in Phoenix

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Shopping is not always about buying something new. Sometimes shopping is about finding unique pieces that were hand-crafted or possibly vintage pieces someone else has owned. There are so many stores that sell the newest trends, but there are few that specialize in selling good-quality antique items, vintage items, or even hand-made items. The best shops are the ones where the owners have a passion for their business and these shops are full of passionate people.


Phoenix is home to many vintage and crafting stores. The people in Phoenix have a passion for creating and sharing their inspirations with the community. If thinking about moving to the Phoenix area, make it easy with the Sullivan Mayflower moving company. These movers will help get a whole house transported to the new town quickly. It is a stress free experience, so all new residents can enjoy the little things in life like these five unusual shopping experiences.


Antique Sugar


For a unique shopping experience that brings style way back, taking a stroll through Antique Sugar will do just the trick. Men and women can find great vintage clothing items that range in style. There are pieces that are for casual everyday wear. If looking to dress up there is plenty of formal wear as well. The time frame of these styles varies from the 20’s to the 80’s.

To really take a look to the next level, accessorizing is a must. There are so many accessories to choose from it is easy to leave with a few more items than planned. The variety of accessories ranges from hats to handbags, glove to bow ties, and so much more.

This shop is great for anyone that wants to go back in time and get a great vintage style. These clothes are still in great shape and will be a wonderful addition to anyone’s closet. They are also a great way to find a good costume for a party if it is decade themed.


Desert Botanical Garden Shop


A visit to the Desert Botanical Garden Shop is a beautiful way to experience plant life, art, and even freshly made candies. Whether shopping for a present or just shopping this is a wonderful place to make a purchase. The entire shop is centered around the natural beauty that nature offers. All artwork, books, clothing, and items for the home have inspirations drawn from nature.

There are even seeds for sale so the plants can be taken home and make any house beautiful. Be sure to pick up some of the wonderful Prickly Pear food items that are for sale. There is candy, syrup, tea, and even salad dressing. All of these items are freshly made and have a great taste.


Sweet Salvage


Sweet Salvage is an interesting shop because it is only open four days a month. That means all of the wonderful items that are for sale must be purchased in that small time span or it will be an entire month before there is another chance. There are many different items for sale that are vintage and collectibles. Anyone can find something to buy at Sweet Salvage.

When planning a trip to Sweet Salvage be sure to have a little time to wait in line. The four-day sale is much anticipated in the area and people will line up around the building to get a chance to look through the many unique items.

While there are many vintage shops, Sweet Salvage really takes the cake. The shop is not stocked in a typical sense. Instead, the shop is inspired by the designers own interests. The owner of the shop is the lead designer and she draws her inspiration from a farmhouse style that welcomes the whole family in.




Frances is a shop that was named after the owner’s grandmother. The owner, Georganne makes the many wonderful items that are available for purchase. These items include clothing, jewelry, and many unique gifts. With her love for crafting and creating she helps bring together the community. As she works with other businesses in the area.

There is a yearly Crafeteria where the many businesses and crafters can come together to sell their handmade wares. This event is at no cost to the crafters that are participating. Making it a very welcoming event to even small businesses that are just starting.


Cosanti Originals


Cosanti Originals is an amazing shop that allows people to view and purchase works of art. These works of art include bells, pot, bowls, and planters. Cosanti started with an architect and designer by the name of Paolo Soleri. Paolo had a goal of creating living conditions for people that were more sustainable. These houses combined architecture and ecology.

The many structures are adorned with many bronze and ceramic bells. As people walk through the structures they can listen to these bells jingle in the wind. Cosanti is in Paradise Valley and is still dedicated to researching architecture. There are even Paolo original bells for sale, with his signature.

For those that are not seeking a Paolo Soleri original, there are many other beautiful pieces to purchase. If someone has found a piece is broken off one of their bells there are replacement parts available. There are both bronze and ceramic bells available for purchase.

A special line of bells are dedicated “cause bells”. These bells have different themes and designs. Depending on the nonprofit that funds are donated to the bell will have a different design. Each uniquely made bell is a great bonus for giving to a wonderful organization.

It can be fun to find a new place to shop. Not every store is made the same and that is certainly true for these five unusual shops. Each one of these shops was designed to sell items that inspired their owners. They are hand-picked or hand-crafted items that make a great addition to a person’s collection. Taking the time to stop by any of these shops will mean taking home a great souvenir, clothing piece, or even new décor.


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