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5 Unique Dining Experiences in Phoenix



Creating new date ideas can be a difficult process. A tried and true date night favorite is going out to dinner. Sometimes a night out on the town with an elegant dinner is just what the night needs. Other times a more relaxed style is desired for a quick bite to eat before heading home. No matter the mood a couple is in, Phoenix has a restaurant to match their desires. Great food is a cornerstone of choosing where to lay down our roots. Having an abundance of restaurants that serve good food is a must for anyone that loves to experience new flavors.

Phoenix has many different restaurants for their residents. If thinking about moving to Phoenix it can be made easy by hiring Sullivan Mayflower as the moving company. With Sullivan Mayflower, the moving experience will be simple and there will be no need to stress about how your valuables are getting to the new home. If a new resident in Phoenix and looking for a great date night restaurant, try one of these five unique experiences.


Beckett’s Table


Beckett’s Table is named after the lead Chef Justin Beckett. It was born from the love of having friends over making a wonderful dinner and pairing it with a tasty wine. After enjoying this experience so much the idea of a restaurant was born. This home-cooked, family oriented spirit followed through into the everyday menu and feel of the restaurant.

The restaurant buys from local farms within thirty miles. That means fresh food every day. Paired with wines that have been artfully picked to match the menu beautifully. Everyone sits downs to enjoy a home-cooked meal. They leave feeling a little bit closer to everyone that they dined with, as well as plenty full.

Many of the foods on the menu are American classics. While there are classic foods on the menu they are all skillfully crafted to taste home-cooked yet elegant. Never worry about going thirsty, there are plenty of cocktails to choose from. As well as beers and wine.


Pig & Pickle


The Pig & Pickle restaurant gets back to what matters most. Great food, great atmosphere, and a good sense of humor. Their website is no-nonsense and gets straight to the point. They do not need fancy advertisements or long blurbs about their food. They are a simple kitchen that strives to have balance in their dishes.
They support their local farmers by buying from smaller farms in the area. All of their ingredients are fresh and not processed. They use these ingredients to make great comfort foods. While this all may sound a little too casual, the food does not taste that way. The flavors that come out of the open kitchen are phenomenal.

The restaurant is open for many meals of the day, including brunch and a late night snack, up to 2 am. There is an impressive list of alcohol to choose from with cocktails, beers, and wines. Their menu is ever-changing and evolving, so there is always something new to try.


Short Leash Hot Dogs


Short Leash Hot Dogs is a restaurant that once lived in a truck. Initially, Short Leash Hot Dogs was designed to be a gourmet food truck. Now they have expanded to have restaurant locations as well as food trucks that can be rented for events.

Using the local farmers market, Short Leash Hot Dogs has quality ingredients that are fresh for all of their innovative dishes. As the name may suggest, hot dogs are at the forefront of this restaurant. Everyone loves a good hotdog and there are many ways that they can be prepared.

There are classics with sauerkraut, and then there are strange creates with peanut butter and Gouda that just somehow works. Stopping by one of the food trucks or the restaurant is a must. Be adventurous and try something crazy on a hotdog. While it may sound like it will not taste good, it is a pleasant surprise when the food is amazing.


Grassroots Kitchen & Tap


Grassroots Kitchen & Tap takes people back to the classic Southern cooking. Dining at this restaurant is a great experience because they emphasize the needs of their customers. They strive to make the experience fun, memorable, and always welcoming to families.

There is a selection just for adults. There are many choices on their menu for craft beers or wine. They also have signature cocktails that will leave you wanting more. The Phoenix location has a covered patio that is able to seat up to twenty-two people if looking to rent the restaurant out for a party. Although it is a great place to just stop by and grab a table if out on the town.

All of the items on the menu are made from scratch. While this does take more time than a kitchen that uses frozen or preserved ingredients, it shows in the quality of the food. It is worth waiting a little extra time to enjoy a home-made meal.


Quiessence at The Farm


For a dining experience that is focused on making date night great, go to Quiessence at The Farm. There will be no children around to spoil the romantic mood. It can be expensive but the experience and the food make it well worth the money spent.

The restaurant is actually in a house that has been renovated to create a very relaxed and romantic atmosphere. All of the serving staff is very knowledgeable about the menu and can help couples make wonderful meal choices.

All of the meals are created with ingredients from local farms. In fact, many of the ingredients are hand picked as they are ordered for a fresh taste that is unparalleled to anywhere else. There are different ways to experience Quiessence at The Farm through the A la Carte, Seasonal Tasting, Or Brick Oven menu.

Depending on the menu choice there will be multiple courses to enjoy. The Seasonal Tasting has around five courses that will all include foods made fresh to order. The Brick Oven experience will be an eight-course meal that comes with a little knowledge about each dish. It is a private meal and only one couple or group can book this experience per night.

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