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3 Hiking Destinations in Phoenix

Hiking Destinations in Phoenix


When looking for great places to hike Phoenix has it all. You are able to find a place to hike even if you are a beginner. If you are well versed in the hiking game there are more difficult hikes that will challenge your skills. The best part about hiking in Phoenix is the convenience. The areas that you will be hiking in are right outside the city. You can hop into your car and take a day trip to go hiking.

Papago Park


Papago Park is suited for hikers that are looking for an easier trail. Anyone that has just started out with hiking will enjoy the sights and the low level of difficulty. Depending on what trail you take there will be varying levels of elevation.


If you are looking for a very easy hike or walk there is a nature trail. This trail does not elevate and allows you to see many types of animals and plants on your way. There are two trails that have small amounts of elevation the West Park Accessible Trail and the West Park Loop trail.


The West Park Accessible Trail is wheelchair accessible for most of the trail. There are also many benches along the way if you need a break. The West Park Loop Trail is appropriate for anyone hiking and biking.


The Hole in the Rock Trail does have more elevation at about 200 feet. It is a small trail but it will lead you right to a popular landmark. It will be easy to spend a day hiking through Papago Park.

Pinnacle Peak Park


Step up your game at Pinnacle Peak. These hiking trail are going to be a bit harder to maneuver and land us in our medium category. There is one hundred and fifty acres that makes up Pinnacle Peak Park. The trails have elevation up to 2750 feet. Don’t worry about how steep the elevation is. It slowly elevates to make for great hiking in a beautiful setting.


Pinnacle Peak is a wildlife sanctuary. If you time your hikes correctly you may catch a peek at some of the wildlife in the area. There is a variety of animals you will see from jack rabbits to mountain lions.


When hiking Pinnacle Peak be sure to bring some water. It can take up to two hours to hike out and back. Be sure you stay safe and keep hydrated especially in the heat.

Piestewa Hiking


For a real challenge try the Piestewa Peak. This peak has an elevation of 2608 feet. If you like to hike alone you will have no problem finding isolation with the many trails available. The elevation for your hike with be 1190 feet.


There is a variety of vegetation and wildlife. You can find small animals like horned lizards and chuckwalla. There are also larger animals like coyote. If you would like to do a little bird watching there are about fifty four species of birds to be found.


Spend as much time as you need exploring what Phoenix’s variety of hiking trails and landscapes. You can find a trail that is perfect for your skill level and still enjoy yourself as you hike.

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